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consider motivation, philanthropy as a disposition, our connectedness through quality communication and commitment to others, and sustainability as a unique and thriving institution. All of us here should be encouraged by what we have done and what we will achieve as we seek to continuously improve our College in pursuit of its mission. As with any year there have been a number of staff changes throughout 2020. At the beginning of the year, we welcomed to the teaching staff Mathematics teachers Dr Neil de Joux and Amanda Lester, English teacher Claire Nicolson and Physical Education & Health teacher and basketball coach extraordinaire Ben Sheat. By way of farewells, at the end of Term 3 we said goodbye to Academic Data Systems Manager Claudine Forrester, from our Digital Services team. We thank Claude for all her diligence and hard work throughout the past 16 years and wish her all the very best as she embarks on a completely new challenge. At the end of year, after 11 years of care and attention to the medical needs of boys and staff, we farewell nurse Kay McKenzie from our Health Centre. We thank Kay for her love and service and are

pleased that she will still be in and about College as our relief nurse. We say goodbye and thank our two gap students, Devan Williams and Diwan Volschenk, who are both returning home to South Africa to begin their university studies. Of special note, we congratulate and wish our Head of English, Advanced Learning and TiC Debating Sian Evans well as she takes the next step in her brilliant career to join our sister school St Margaret’s College as Head of the Senior School. From boys at their best to empowering women, we wish Sian well. There have also been several transitions that will impact upon us in 2021. Our approach to student care and wellbeing will be subtly changed when John Quinn, Dr Sarah Anticich and Emily Baird become co-directors of the Centre for Wellbeing & Positive Education. We thank Emily and Sarah for their wonderful contribution as counselling psychologists over the last 12 months or so, and wish Emily well for her period of parental leave. Two new counsellors will complement this team next year. Also, on leave next year will be Teacher–Librarian Lisa Trundley-

Banks, who will be replaced by Caroline Black, and we congratulate Henry Smith who, having acted in the role for 12 months, has been appointed as the Head of Physical Education & Health. Matt Cortesi has been appointed as the Director of the Centre for Character & Leadership, a role made available as a result of Darrell Thatcher moving from this and his Director of Boarding responsibilities to become our first Assistant Principal – Planning, Co-curricular and Administration. As we congratulate Darrell on this change, we thank him for his significant contribution as our first Director of Boarding and developer and leader of our Immerse & Inspire programme. We also acknowledge and thank at this time Robert Aburn for his commitment and dedication to his work as Assistant Principal – Planning and Administration over the past eight years. As Darrell will discover, the general planning and day-to-day management of the school is an extraordinarily challenging task, and Robert has done an amazing job, while also retaining the significant responsibility of being Director of Music – the role he returns to substantively in 2021. I would ask us now to acknowledge Robert’s work for the past eight years and congratulate those that I have previously mentioned. Finally, we come now to farewell two esteemed members of the College Common Room. The first, David Chambers, was appointed Director of Drama at the beginning of 1998. His work in the school has been extraordinary in so many ways. During his 23 years here, through his academic leadership, quality teaching and his incredible passion and advocacy for drama, both in the classroom and in the co-curricular domain, David has been an ongoing positive influence in the lives of his students and an affirming, supportive and guiding hand for so many of his colleagues. His formal engagement in pastoral care has been exceptional and has complemented his natural flamboyance that focused on the enablement of boys to believe in


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