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Debating Condell’s enjoyed success in the senior debating competition, with the team winning first place for the second year running. Well done to Jamie Yee, John-Paul Lay and Josh Jolly, who were affirming the moot “This House regrets the humanisation of villains in films and media”. Somes House certainly represented our strongest competition, but our team was undaunted. Our junior debating team of Bruce Chen, Oscar Compton-Moen and Noah Yee, affirming the moot “This House believes that social media has done more harm than good”, narrowly lost to Julius House in the final. It was an amazing, confident effort by these boys. Chess Unfortunately, Condell’s lost to Corfe House in the final. Thank you to John-Paul Lay, Liam Sue-Tang, Nicholas Sharr, Sean Jang and Josh Jolly for taking us so far. Futsal The senior futsal team – Fletcher Anderson, Alexi Georgiou, Josh Jolly, Dominic Lambert, John-Paul Lay, Johnny Lee, Daniel Metherell, Harry Sharr, Spencer Smith, Tom Tothill, and Sam Whitaker – defeated Somes

Backing Trophy – thanks to Justin Hodges (violin), Rory Doull (guitar), Jeremy Kinley (bass guitar), Josh Jolly (keyboard), and Matthew Brett (drums); took 2nd place for the Best Small Vocal Ensemble – Justin Hodges, Bruce Chen, Alex Brett and Matthew Brett singing “Stand By Me”; and 2nd place also went to our House Choir for their enthusiastic rendition of “Call me, Maybe”. It was, as ever, brilliant to see how Condell’s students work together and support each other at events like these, being competitive whilst keeping a sense of humour. Several parents commented that Jamie Yee would certainly have won best conductor had that been on offer. House Plays Our House Play – The Quiz – was a great success, with the cast convincingly creating tension alongside intimidating, believable characters. A huge thanks to Jamie Yee, Fletcher Anderson, Reis Azlan, Alex Brett, Josh Jolly, Harry Sharr, Nick Sharr, Alex Speight, Liam Sue-Tang, Noah Yee, and technicians Sam Cross and Elliott Grey, who worked with dedication to put together an engaging performance in a short timeframe. Special mention to Jamie, who also ran Arts Week at the same time.

House 4–1. It is great to see we still have a strong, talented side of keen footballers ready to move forward in 2021. The junior futsal team did an amazing job right through to the final game, when we were defeated by Corfe House in a penalty shoot-out. A stand out effort by Sam Aitken, Matty Brett, Toby Jackson, Oliver March, Nate Ovendale, Milton Sedze, Nicholas Sharr, and Max Topham.\ Tug of War Our senior students had a convincing and coordinated win against Richards House in the final, with Fletcher Anderson, George Anderson, Matt Durant, Alexi Georgiou, Jeremy Kinley, Dominic Lambert, Johnny Lee, Isaac Lester, Tom Tothill, and Sam Whitaker making a formidable and determined team. HONOURS TIES AND SCHOOL COLOURS Honours Ties Fletcher Anderson – Drama Justin Hodges – Instrumental Music John-Paul Lay – Instrumental Music, Debating Jamie Yee – Debating, Drama


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