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McGoldrick Cup for Excellence in Sport Josh Book Josh has performed to an exceptional level in school and representative basketball. An incredibly humble young man and near unstoppable on the court. He is a great role model for the boys in Corfe. Corfe Cup for Service to the House ATMMoore Cup for Fellowship Henry Mossman In a year that saw much anxiety and tension for many of our senior boys, Henry was the motivation and “get go” behind all our House activities. He was responsible for the level of support the Corfe boys got at their games and the drive and spirit behind House Music.

Student of the Year Awards For best attitude, House spirit and displaying the Corfe values.

Year 9 – Josh Ratulomai Year 10 – Jack Mckenzie Year 11 – James Griffin Year 12 – Ryan Lynch

Ian Stevenson Housemaster, Corfe House


Back Row: RGT Fitzgerald, BT Shipston, D Parris, H Watson, JB Huo, ST Peebles, TW Beresford, JR Tacon, JE Book, JA Henderson, CA Smith, AJD Batchelor, SG Dickie, RW Lynch, GE Mason, AJ Ireland Fourth Row: Mr BR Sheat (Assistant Housemaster), TC Seeto, LR Moore, OH Aikawa, JW Beer, HG Duston, LT James, RC Brooks, BGL Vaughan, WEP Jones, AR Priest, RD Primus, ME Arrandale, AJ Reid, JM Crawshay, JWR Griffin, Ms AC Lester (Assistant Housemaster) Third Row: Ms CM Nicolson (Assistant Housemaster), JH Mckenzie, RA Johnson, TE Cottrell-Bone, T Watanabe, MR Munro, NL Brown, JJ Nash, TL Thyne, CBR Poulter, AT George, S Wang, JMV Dunlop, TSM Abraham, JP Astley, JM Fulford, Mr AG Levenger (Assistant Housemaster) Second Row: EGB Pidgeon, HD Quested, NJ Wilks, JW Herber, SHJ Barnett, Mrs SR Stevenson (Deputy Housemaster), BW Young (Head of House), Mr IC Stevenson (Housemaster), TW Jones (Deputy Head of House), DG Edmond (Head Prefect), ML Gath, ER Priest, K Houston, HT Mossman, JJY Wong Front Row: JL Whitaker, TR Dunlop, TS Wright, OJ Ren, Y Wu, JPS Ratulomai, TD Heath, AC De Luca, AC Davidson, LA Shipston, JG Garry, MRP Young, JH Baker-Sherman, JK Hayes Absent: NA Book


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