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Foundation Therapy in the Community Last Month, We Participated in Our Community’s Lights on Halsell Christmas Parade:

Our float won first place in the business division!This is somethingwehaveenjoyeddoingeveryyear.Thisyearwe alsodecidedtoenter intothewindowdecoratingcontest. Ouremployeesspenttimehandpaintingourwindowtogo alongwithourfloattheme, “IWantAHippopotamusFor Christmas.”Thoughwedidnotwin,wehadagreat time painting and getting into the Christmas spirit! Because of you, our Santa Cops donation box was overflowing withgifts.Thankyouforhelpingusblessourcommunity! Want to stay in the loop with other news and events happening at Foundation Therapy? FOLLOW US on Social Media!

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Patient Success Spotlight

"For 6 months, I had pain from my sciatic area. I had gone to my doctor and tried heat, cold, steroid shot, anti-inflammatory. Finally, the specialist referred me to PT. Kelli has been fabulous at strengthening my “core” and working through my pain levels. When I seemed to hit a plateau, I did dry needling. What


a relief!! That was exactly what I needed to achieve a sharp decreased pain level. Kelli gave me exercises to do at home. After dry needling, my pain level dropped to 1 or 0 in a matter of hours. PT is a great answer for a sciatic issue if you will work half as hard as your physical therapist does. " – K. C.


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