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Our Team’s Approach to Goal-Setting This Year

January is the time of year for setting goals. Even if you don’t buy into the “new year, new me” mindset, chances are you’ve made a resolution or two at some point in your life. Many people make resolutions to lead healthier lives, learn new languages, spend more time with their families, or take more vacations. Unfortunately, reports indicate that approximately 80 percent of individual goals go by the wayside before the end of February. While this percentage is high, it makes sense (I’ve surely faltered on some of my own resolutions over the years). To combat this human tendency to forget about goals, my dad and I joined the group Methods of Management to help us hone in on the objectives we want to set for our business.

and more. We also have a “best ideas” meeting during which we compare financial performance in many categories. We never make changes to one another’s pricing or see actual numbers, but we evaluate overall percentages to determine if there are areas that need attention. Last quarter, we hosted the group here in Berkley, so they all came to see how our system runs and to offer suggestions. One of the coolest aspects of this management group is the quality assessment we receive. Because our operation is being evaluated by business owners running similar companies with similar operations, their perspectives are the most valuable; they are right there in the trenches every day helping clients in the same ways we do. To start the assessment, we divvy up assignments for each member of the group. They take turns evaluating their part of the assessment and then compile a 6-page report for me to review. Some of the suggestions are small — last year, for example, they encouraged us to put the receipt under the garment bag rather than on top. Other suggestions are bigger — we’ve even bought new machinery based on their previous suggestions. The quality assessment for Janet Davis Cleaners this year was encouraging. They took notice of our efforts to meet the goals on the list they provided us last time, and this year, we got the highest

quality score of the group. Part of that high score is the result of the new and improved way we launder our dress shirts. The layout, press, and wash are more efficient, so we are able to offer the same quality wash with fewer steps. When the management group gathered around to take videos and pictures, we knew all the hard work and brain power we poured into making this process better was worth it. As we start 2019, I know all of us here at the company are taking measures to reach the business goals we set during our quarterly meeting to ensure our services are as good as they can be this upcoming year. To all of you readers out there, whether or not you’re the resolution- setting kind, we hope this year is your best one yet!

“As we start 2019, I know all of us here at the company are taking measures to reach the business goals we set during our quarterly meeting to ensure our services are as good as they can be this upcoming year.”

The group is comprised of 16 dry cleaning company owners in noncompetitive markets from Dallas to Long Island. Every quarter, we travel to a different company and compare daily operations, production flow, layout, highs and lows,

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“Make a face like that, and it’ll stay that way forever.” You may have heard something like this from Mom’s book of wisdom. Maybe you never disputed the idea that mother knows best. But as you grew up, it slowly became clear that hair doesn’t grow back faster and thicker if you shave it, cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis, and gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for months after you swallow it. After a whirlwind of wives’ tales over the years, many common claims have been put under scrutiny. Wives tales have been known as pseudoscience and blind intuition, but even as many were disproved, some surprisingly proved to hold weight. Here are three wives’ tales that have proven to be true. Mom Really Does Know Best 3WIVES’ TALES PROVEN TRUE illnesses. The effects of garlic can actually be more effective than over-the-counter flu medications. Some studies show that regular consumption of raw garlic lessens the likelihood of getting a cold, so if you feel a tickle in your throat, try a clove before you open the medicine cabinet. HEARTBURN MEANS A HAIRY BABY It’s hard to list wives’ tales without bringing up one about pregnancy. Many are solely based on intuition, but a few that sound odd are legitimate. In 2007, a study done by Johns Hopkins attempted to debunk the myth that heartburn during pregnancy would mean a hairy baby at birth. Instead of proving it wrong, they found that 82 percent of women with severe heartburn during pregnancy gave birth to hairy babies. Turns out the hormones that cause heartburn in pregnant women also affect fetal hair growth. JOINT PAIN PREDICTS THE WEATHER Did you ever look at your mom with skepticism when she would predict rain because her knees hurt? If so, you might owe your mom an apology, because there is a scientific connection. The drop in barometric pressure that’s common during storm weather causes pain in arthritic joints. GARLIC CURES COLDS For decades, moms have professed the healing properties of garlic, suggesting it can cure colds and help the body fight sickness. It turns out they were absolutely right. Garlic has antiviral properties that strengthen the immune system and nutrients that help combat


When it comes to giving and receiving compliments, studies indicate that Americans are some of the most interesting conversationalists. Despite the unfortunate stereotype of the rude and boisterous American abroad, Americans at home might be some of the most anxiously polite people on Earth. What is at the root of this anxiety? According to linguist Chi Luu, it’s the art of the compliment. You see, the conventions associated with politeness often reveal a culture’s values. Individualism, self- made success, hard work, personal appearance, and material possessions are proven American values, and they are reinforced through the frequency of compliments. Researchers found that compliments are used in American English far more than in any other language. Americans seem to enjoy trading compliments and will substitute them for other acts of speech such as greetings, thank-yous, or even apologies. It’s not unusual for people to like hearing something good about themselves, but, surprisingly, compliments in this fashion are uniquely American. In many other cultures, compliments on attributes like your personal appearance, your outfit, or your car are considered to be made in bad taste. That being said, while Americans are the quickest to give compliments, they often struggle the most with receiving them. Well-meaning parents teach their children to say thank you when someone compliments them, but the common practice among adults is to reject, deflect, or downplay compliments they receive. Interestingly, one researcher found that American English speakers only accept compliments with a simple “thank you” about a third of the time, which is extremely low in comparison to other English-speaking countries. While compliments have become a necessity in American culture, here at Janet Davis Cleaners, we are thrilled when customers call in or write reviews to compliment our services, showing they genuinely like the help we can provide. In fact, we consider referrals to be the ultimate compliment, and we aren’t afraid to say thank you. So, to all of you that have referred us to your friends, family, or even a stranger on the street, thank you so much for the best compliment ever! The Ultimate Thank You

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Alongside hats and boots, winter coats are the most important clothing to have during these blistery January temperatures. Whether you’ve lived in Michigan for two years or 20 years, chances are you’ve learned the difference between the truly great and the undeniably mediocre outerwear. In many cases, the bang really is worth the buck. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a reliable coat, you’ll want to make sure the protective material lasts for several seasons. Here are some tips to help you preserve your winter coat and keep it looking its best. 1. Always hang your coat on a sturdy, good-quality hanger to help keep its shape. Many people choose to place their heavy coats on a hook, but try to avoid doing so whenever possible. The weight of the coat hanging off the hook will likely cause it to become distorted.

2. If your coat is wool, gently brush it after you’ve been outside to remove any surface dirt that has settled. 3. When possible, wear a scarf. It will help keep makeup and soil from collecting on your collar. 4. When storing your coat, make sure it is completely dry before hanging it up in the closet. Items holding moisture in dark places usually end up with mildew. Additionally, make sure the closet in which you store your coat is in a temperate climate. Avoid the attic and basement, both of which are prone to more extreme temperature fluctuations. 5. Lastly — but most importantly — make sure you get your coat professionally cleaned at the end of each winter season. Body oils, perspiration, and invisible stains on

the fibers can attract moths and others critters while the coat is stored away during the warmer seasons. If you have any other questions about keeping your favorite coat wearable for many winters to come, or if you want to make plans to have it professionally cleaned before you hang it up for the year, reach out to our knowledgeable and hard-working team here at Janet Davis Cleaners.




• 8 slices brioche, 1/2-inch thick • 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter • 2 large eggs • 1/8 cup heavy cream • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract

• 2 cups cornflakes • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter • 2 cups mixed berries • Powdered sugar, to sprinkle • Maple syrup, for serving


1. On a large baking sheet lined with wax paper, place 4 slices of brioche and spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on each. Cover with remaining slices, creating sandwiches. 2. In a pie plate, beat eggs with cream and vanilla. In another, coarsely crush the cornflakes. 3. Lightly soak sandwiches in the egg mixture, then dredge in cornflakes, pressing to adhere. Return to baking sheet. 4. In a large skillet over medium heat, melt 1 tablespoon butter. Once melted and up to temperature, add sandwiches, cooking on one side until golden and crisp, about 2–3 minutes. 5. Return sandwiches to baking sheet, add remaining butter, and repeat on other side. 6. Top sandwiches with berries, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve with maple syrup. 3 (248) 543-0340 Inspired by Delish


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Our Team’s Approach to Goal-Setting This Year

3 Wives’ Tales That Are True

The Art of a Compliment


Cleaning Tips for Your Favorite Winter Coats

Peanut Butter and Berry French Toast


The Best Skiing Destinations in the World


Who’s Ready for Some Powder?

The sound of the first carve through fresh powder is the anthem of all winter sports enthusiasts. Here are three of the world’s best places to experience that powder you’ve been craving all year. BRECKENRIDGE, COLORADO John Denver’s anthem “Rocky Mountain high” is about the freedom he felt here. Where there are great mountains, there’s even better snow. The ski resort boasts five peaks, 187 trails, 34 lifts, four terrain parks, and a renowned cross-country trail. After a day on the slopes, head into the town of Breckenridge for dining and activities that ditch the glitz and glamour of Vail or Aspen and take you straight to the heart of fun. WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA A destination that looks like a cross between a Nordic paradise and Olympic-level runs, Whistler is filled with true magic, winter activities, and a town that captivates the senses. When

you see the mountains of British Columbia, you’ll understand why they hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. The location’s beauty is only part of your stimulating experience, because every curve of fresh powder makes your pupils dilate. Once you’re done flying down the hill where Bode Miller took the bronze, head over to the winter wonderland of the old Olympic Village for a cozy night in a picturesque town. ST. ANTON, AUSTRIA If you want a great location for next year’s Christmas card photo, there’s no better place than the Tyrolean Alps. Nestled in a valley between perfectly molded mountains, the Austrian landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for your winter excursions. The densely wooded areas and the bright reflection of the snow frame the vibrant town that’s just waiting to be explored. When you’re ready for world-class runs, hop in one of the 11 gondolas and zip down the hills that hosted the 2001 Alpine World Ski Championships.

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