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burnt out. We broke up and went our separate ways. I started college, and she became a nurse. We stayed in touch over the years, but didn’t have time for romance and roller coasters. Four years later, she came to my college graduation. I’d gathered a bunch of old friends in my dorm room, and she’d shown up for the occasion. As the night wore down, I told her how glad I was we were still friends. We started reminiscing about the old days, about that first ride on the Jet Star, and sure enough, our relationship was rekindled. Our love burned differently in this new chapter of our lives. Compared to the wildfire of our teenage romance, our second round of dating was like a carefully stoked furnace. We had far more responsibilities to balance. She was a full time nurse, and I was studying to be a physical therapy assistant, but we were also more mature. We began to see ourselves as a team, and

My first date with my future wife happened almost by accident. We’d met through our work in the fast-food industry and had a pretty large circle of mutual friends. But we were just that: friends. One day, we were all supposed to hang out at Seaside Heights and go on some rides, but almost everyone canceled at the last minute. Then, the woman who would become my wife called. “Hey, do you still want to go?” The two of us had a great time, eating carnival food and going on rides. But sparks really flew when we rode the Jet Star. For those that never got the chance to ride it, the Jet Star was a classic roller coaster, with steep drops, sharp bends, and most importantly, two seater cars. My wife sat up front, leaving me to wrap my arms around her as we rocketed around the tracks. They tell you to keep your limbs inside the vehicle at all times, after all. We screamed, hollered, and laughed during the whole ride. We got on the Jet Star as friends, but left as something more.

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The best compliment we can receive is to have one of our patients refer a friend or family member to our practice. If you refer someone, and we are able to take them as a patient, you and the person who was referred

a team figures things out together. We learned to communicate honestly, to make time for one another. We respected and supported each other regardless of how hectic life got.

“We screamed, hollered, and laughed during the whole ride. We got on the Jet Star as friends, but left as something more.”

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Most people probably recognize the Jet Star from the news coverage of Hurricane Sandy. The coaster’s arched spine rising out of the Atlantic was plastered

I graduated physical therapy assistant school in May, 1999. In August, I proposed, and she made me the happiest man on earth. Seventeen years after getting married, we’re still going strong. Our team’s got some new members, whom we love and support with all our heart. We still make time for one another though. The key is communication. My wife is my best friend, and though it may have its ups and downs, I hope we never get off this crazy roller coaster called love.

on TV screens around the country. My wife and I were heartbroken. I know this town lost so much to Sandy, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful. But that ride represented a lot of memories for us, and for a lot of other couples I’m sure. Seeing it rusting out in the ocean, surrounded by pieces of the shattered pier, it reminded me how much had changed since those carefree days as teenage lovers. When my wife and I first started dating, we burned fast and bright. We went on a lot of spontaneous adventures and vacations. Then, about a year and a half in, we

– David DeLaFuente

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