HFL 11x17_Scar Care and Mobilization for Upper Extremities



1. What was the first song to be broadcast fromspace? 2. How many miles does Santa have to travel on Christmas Eve? 3. What is commonly eaten in Japan for Christmas dinner? 4. Tinsel was first invented in 1610 in Germany. What was it first made of? 5. What is the biggest Christmas gift not only in the United States, but in the world? Hint: 1886. 6. WhenandwherewasthefirstChristmascelebrated? 7. Therearetwo islands intheworldnamed“Christmas.” Where are they? 8. Who gave the gifts of the first Christmas? Test out your trivia knowledge to be entered into a Prize Drawing. Simply call Hands for Living at 425-368-7943 with your answer to each question!

“They have given me hope!” “ My therapist was kind, knowledgeable and a task master, yet very understanding of everyone’s different situations. Hands for Living was able to help me reach my goals by having empathy and understanding of the emotional part of a life changing injury, while keeping me working toward achieving the most improvement. They have given me hope! Thank you to each and every one of you for helping me through this trying time of my life. Your office has truly exceptional customer service.” - M. W.


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FromJoAnn Keller Founder of Hands for Living

2019 Year in Review

It’s been a wonderful year here at the clinic. We’ve reached so many goals ourselves, and so have our patients! Getting rid of pain, getting back to using hands and arms for favorite activities, makingnew friends! WeLOVE seeingyou allback inhere, whether it’s to overcome a new challenge, or just stopping in to say, “Hi.” Personally, I’ve had big changes this year. Many of you know that I amacompetitivedressage(horse)rideraswellasahandtherapist.

For almost 15 years, I have ridden a beautiful mare named Olievia. She had an injury early in the year that seemed like it might end her career. She has recovered, but the time off led to changes for me. I am now riding a new horse, and Olievia will be ridden by one of my friends! Stay tuned for more news. At the office this year, we’ve finally settled into our new clinic. We have a new office coordinator, Lolly, who joined Melissa this fall. Yes, that’s Lolly, like Jolly with an L! We’ve enjoyed having her on the team. In November, we finally got new treatment tables that were custom made for us - they are height adjustable to make it comfortable for our patients of all heights! We’ve been thinking about this for YEARS! We’ve taken care of more people this year than ever before. We’ve added two additional therapists to help take care of you. Do you know anyone who needs our help? Are you struggling with a new issue? Please let us know how we can help - we always have time to help you or your family and friends. – JoAnn Keller


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