Western Growers Shield

WESTERN GROWERS SHIELD ® What else should you be doing to mitigate recall exposure? SAVE TIME & MONEY | PROTECT BRAND | PRESERVE SUPPLY CHAIN | TRIGGER INSURANCE COVERAGE Western Growers Shield® offers comprehensive consultation to assist in the prevention of recalls, mitigate exposure, and manage through any recall-related events. Backed by WGIS’ access to global markets, WGCPP leverages a proprietary approach unique to agriculture and food. TOP REASONS TO USE WESTERN GROWERS SHIELD 1. Understand the true cost of a recall. Recognize which costs are associated with a recall, and how to quantify your unique exposures. 2. Manage your economic risk. Reduce the exposure of your brand and your balance sheet to a contamination event. The Western Growers Shield will help you prepare, respond and recover, and protect you from financial loss. 3. Plan for financial recovery. Understand your specific opportunities to recover expenses related to a recall. WESTERN GROWERS SHIELD: A fully customizable, three-stage approach to managing all risk related to a recall event. Vetted, best-in-class, industry specific risk mitigation solutions. Exclusive to ag and food industry, from multiple carriers across the global market. Proprietary High limits and deductibles available. Producing safe products and building confidence in your brands is a primary focus of your business, and ours. Over 1,000 ag industry companies rely onWGIS to help protect their businesses. Western Growers Shield is our latest product evolution, bringing together the whole of our experience and connections with industry partners to deliver a comprehensive product recall management solution. Access our resources and expertise to mitigate your exposure to loss prior to an event, and to insure for when an event occurs. To take the next step in shielding your business from the vulnerabilities inherent in product recalls, call us at 800-333-4WGA.

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