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Time for Tea B rewing a cuppa is not just a comforting daily ritual: both traditional


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Kintra Foods A premium tea market leader, Kintra Foods is a 100 per cent Australian- owned family business. This ethical company focuses on environmental practices and sustainability. They are proud to be a local Australian herbal tea manufacturer and have a preference for buying all packaging and raw materials from Australia. This means they are supporting many Aussie jobs both directly and indirectly. This also means they have a natural competitive advantage with superior quality, innovation, reduced production lead times and less exposure to the volatility of global supply chains. Excitingly, global demand has led the brand to significant growth with international sales to UK, USA and Canada. Choose from English Breakfast, French Earl Grey, Lemongrass Ginger & Lemon Myrtle, Jasmine Green with Pear, or Rooibos. Our favourite is French Earl Grey, with deliciously fragrant rose, blue cornflower and calendula petals adding style to each sip.

tea, theanine, has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Teas – or tisanes – can also be made from the flowers, bark and roots of a wide variety of herbs, which are mankind’s oldest source of medicines. Here’s how they can help you. Lemongrass: Relieves anxiety, lowers cholesterol and relieves bloating. Ginger: Eases indigestion, flatulence and morning sickness, and stimulates circulation. Lemon myrtle: Acts as an antimicrobial and mild sedative, helping to treat insomnia and support immune function. Jasmine: Protects the heart and improves brain function. Green tea: Increases fat burning and lowers the risk of some cancers. Rooibos: Pronounced ‘roy-boss’, this traditional South African tea is a good source of polyphenols which reduce cancer risk.

and herbal teas have extraordinary health benefits. Traditional tea, including black, green, oolong and white tea, is made from the leaves of the tea bush (Camellia sinensis) , an evergreen shrub that is related to the camellias that aremuch lovedby gardeners. Black and green tea may also be flavoured with flowers, fruit peel or spices, such as Earl Grey, which contains bergamot oil, and Lady Grey, which is enhanced with cornflower petals and lemon peel. The health benefits of black and green tea are many and powerful, including reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and obesity. Both are rich sources of antioxidants, with one study showing that people who drank one or more cups of black or green tea daily had a 44 per cent reduced risk of having a heart attack. Black and green tea are also linked to improved memory, an improvement in insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics, and a reduced risk of blood clots, gum disease and hypertension. The active ingredient in

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ISSUE 60 • 2021

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