Farmingdale PT: How Posture Affects Back and Neck Pain

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By Chris Joseph

What were you doing prior to your injury? I was playing professional hockey in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team is the AA affiliate for the Winnipeg Jets. This was my

How has your therapy been progressing since you started? Since starting physical therapy with Butch, my injury has done a complete 180. Prior to starting here, I still had pain following surgery and my movements were minimal. In the short time I’ve been here, Butch and his staff relieved almost all of my pain, and gave my shoulder the mobility and strength I need to play again. What are you looking to do after your rehabilitation? I will be leaving in October for the new season. We usually start the first week of October and play until June. The season is long and grueling, but my shoulder will be 100% thanks to Butch and the staff here.

third professional season. How were you injured?

Unfortunately, this is my second shoulder surgery, and the way I was injured was almost identical to the first one. I actually got hit and my shoulder felt like it had some pressure in it. The following period I stepped up and threw a check on another guy and it felt like my shoulder was hanging there. I finished the game then proceeded to get an MRI. I tried playing after getting the results, but my shoulder wouldn’t let me.

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