Blue Diamond Almond Facts November-December 2021

See soil sampling videos at: Review the soil analysis results and summer leaf chloride and sodium levels with your CCA to determine if and how much salt management should be practiced ahead of bud break. See the “Time to Consider” column in the Sept/Oct, 2021 issue for more information on this topic. Irrigation: A thorough checkup of well(s), pump(s) and irrigation system(s) may be critical to getting through 2022. A pump test will identify possible major problems such as substantial pressure reductions or water flow rates. Learn how to monitor standing and pumping groundwater levels to track changes in groundwater conditions. To compare current conditions to those when the well was

dug, check the Well Completion Report at Groundwater-Management/ Wells/Well-Completion-Reports. This site provides information regarding the well conditions at completion of drilling, submitted by the driller as required by regulation. Find out how deep your pump bowls are relative to the pumping water depth. Bowl depth information may have been moved since the well was first completed, so check maintenance/repair records. Thoroughly check filters, pressure gauges, screens, and lines to make sure there are no plugs or leaks. Finally, there is no better tool to check orchard water status than a pressure chamber. For a time investment of around $1,500– 4,500, you will have the means of knowing your trees water status and how your irrigation program is working at any point in time. Pruning: Careful scaffold selection, with attention to spacing around and up and down the trunk as well as branch angles, is critical to supporting large crops while limiting the chances for scaffolds to tear out in high wind and/ or heavy crop load. If all the scaffolds on a first leaf tree have bad branch angles and are

Weiss McNair is proud to announce the 2850 Sweeper



The 2850 is a “new” Low Profile Self-Propelled Sweeper. Powered by a John Deere 4045-T, Tier 4F, 74 HP engine, with NO DEF FLUID required. The ground drive features two-speed piston motors with double-reduction gear boxes powered by a high efficiency hydraulic system. With a cab height of only 54 inches, the 2850 is a powerful unit that is 12 inches lower than the standard height air cab sweeper, includes an ergonomic seat, and fully illuminated dash panel switches. The 2850 is the perfect height for high density orchards with very low canopies. The 2850 standard equipment includes rear view camera, large windows for improved visibility, and full heating & air conditioning in a dust-free, pressurized cab. Finally, the cabin has a full gauge display with tachometer, engine temperature, and oil pressure, along with an easy-to-read electronic fuel level display.

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