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C onnections are key to Luminary Design Co. An award-winning design-build firm, Luminary specializes in connecting technology and physical spaces in innovative ways.

Luminary Design Co. BARRINGER FOREMAN TECHNOLOGY PARK 14141 Airline Highway Boulevard #4, Suites L & M Baton Rouge, LA 70817 225.627.3582

“We combine world-class aesthetic design with advanced technical engi- neering to create new kinds of physical experiences,” Brian Beyt, president and lead designer at Luminary, said. “Our meticulous approach to interactive design distills even the most complex multidisciplinary projects, giving our forward-thinking clients the confidence to pursue ambitious concepts around the world.” Because of the unique nature of this work, Luminary needed a space for collaboration between like-minded businesses. St. John Properties was the answer, providing a complex where suppliers and logistics are within easy reach, plus some added perks:

a brewery, a coffee roastery and a Jiu Jitsu studio. Luminary’s space itself perfectly meets the needs of the team. “Our suite includes communal office space, quiet room, conference area, kitchen, electronics prototyping area and a cutting-edge fabrication shop,” Beyt said. “Luminary’s entire staff is based out of the space, which includes engineers, designers, fabricators and software developers.” As Luminary builds connections between businesses and teams, it has expanded in many ways, including its leased space. “St. John Properties has helped us adapt our space to fit our needs as a

tenant,” Beyt said. “We have been able to design and grow our space as the business matures and grows.” When the company began looking for a space to lease, Luminary’s leaders noticed that St. John Properties’ Barringer Foreman Technology Park was well maintained. The location was ideal for Luminary’s needs, building connections between Luminary and local businesses. According to Beyt, “the ability to reach our landlord and manager at the drop of a hat” sealed the deal. Luminary anticipates continuing to build connections through its communities, both in its location complex and with its clients.



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