FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report

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TEST REPORT FOR HY-C COMPANY, LLC Report No.: 104415176MID-002AR2 Date: 11/09/21

SECTION 3 TEST METHOD(S) The specimen was evaluated in accordance with the following: EPA 40 CFR Part 60-2015 , Standards of Performance for New Residential Wood Heaters, New Residential Hydronic Heaters and Forced-Air Furnaces ASTM E2515-11 , Standard Test Method for Determination of Particulate Matter Emissions Collected by a Dilution Tunnel CSA B415.1-10 (R2015), Performance Testing of Solid-Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances ALT-134 EPA Alternate Test Method Letter , issued by the U.S. EPA on August 19, 2019. See Appendix A for a copy.


A sample was submitted to Intertek directly from the client. The sample is the test sample used for the original testing performed in October 2018. The test unit was received at Intertek in Middleton, WI on September 9, 2020 and was shipped via the client. The sample was unsealed per the following requirements outlined by the U.S. EPA. In General: 1. Manufacturers are never allowed to unseal a heater. 2. Manufacturers must not involve themselves in the conduct of the test after the pretest burn has begun. 3. All communications must be included in the test documentation required to be submitted pursuant to § 60.533(b)(5) and must be consistent with instructions provided in the owner’s manual required under § 60.536(g), except to the extent that they address details of the certification tests that would not be relevant to owners or regulators. 4. Communications between the manufacturer and laboratory or third-party certifier personnel regarding operation of the wood heater must be limited to written communications transmitted prior to the first pretest burn of the certification test series. Specifics: 5. Take color photographs of the unsealed heater. Photos must include the front, top, and side views and must be date stamped. 6. Describe the tasks, tests, or procedures to be performed on the unsealed. Any modification to the heater will require prior EPA approval. 7. The results of the new certification test will supersede results obtained during the initial certification testing for the above-referenced heater.

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