FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report

Basic instructions for operating the SF1000E/FC1000E/L1020/X1020 FORCED AIR FURNACE Testing to B415.1-10 Category I

Pretest Load and operating procedures. • Place approximately 28 lbs. of split red oak cordwood directly on floor of firebox with a north south placement, keeping even spread over rear 2/3 rd of firebox. • Then place approximately 7 lbs. of kindling on top of split cordwood. • Then 1 lbs. small kindling. • Light Top of small kindling to start pretest load. • Leave Fuel and Ash doors open ½” for approximately 10 minutes at pretest start then close. • Draft inducer engaged (switch “on”).

• Stir pretest load at approximately 16 lbs. remaining. • Stir pretest load with approximately 8 lbs. remaining. • Tare scale with approximately 5 lbs. pretest load remaining.

Test Load and operating procedures. • Test Load: approximately 37 lbs. Red Oak Cordwood. • Place test load North/South.

• Place test load to the rear of firebox. • Draft inducer engaged at start of test. • Position Fuel and Ash doors open approximately ½” open at start of test. • Leave Fuel and Ash doors open for approximately 5 minutes or a flue temperature of 850* f whichever occurs first, then close. • Disengage draft inducer at 20 minutes from start of test.

• The Draft Inducer shall remain disengaged for remainder of test. • Reference ATM issued to HY-C on July 26 th 2018 for operating to Cat. I

Category I- “Operate at the lowest delivered output that the unit is able to operate at, which may be a higher delivered output average BTU than the test method allows. Using two test runs at this low output (averaging the two runs), operating the heater at the intended lowest “real world” operational mode.”

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