FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report



A. Incoming Inspection

1. Check for completeness of unit including parts, accessories, installation and operating instructions, drawings and specifications, etc. Note any discrepancies or missing parts. 2. Check for shipping damage. If damage has occurred, notify the laboratory manager. In some cases repairs may be made, provided the manufacturer and laboratory manager concur that repairs will not affect the unit’s performance. If damage is irreparable, a new unit will need to be obtained. 3. Note whether unit is catalytic or non-catalytic. 4. Mark unit with manufacturer's name, model number, work order number, and date received. 5. If unit is safety listed, note label data including listing agency and serial number.

B. Unit Set-Up

1. Prior to placing unit on scale, the scale must be turned on and allowed to warm up for 1-hour minimum. 2. Place unit on scale and align so chimney will be centered in hood. Record the weight of the unit and all accessories. (Do not weigh with chimney attached.) 3. Chimney and connector should be cleaned with a wire brush prior to mounting. Attach chimney and connector then seal all joints. Be sure the single wall stove pipe terminates and insulated pipe starts at proper level above scale platform. Chimney must be supported from scale so that it does not touch test enclosure or hood walls. 5. Measure firebox dimensions and record on appropriate data form. Make a three dimensional sketch of the firebox including firebrick, baffles, and obstructions. Calculate load area volume in cubic feet. See Section 8.2 of the CAN/CSA B415.1-2010 Performance Testing of Solid-Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances for details. 7. Plug thermocouples into data acquisition system jacks and verify that all instrumentation is working properly. 8. Dilution tunnel must be cleaned prior to each certification test series, and at anytime a higher burn rate follows a lower burn rate. 9. Install outlet air duct in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements and section 5.3.2 of CAN/CSA B415.1-2010 Performance Testing of Solid-Fuel-Burning Heating Appliances. 10. Set duct static pressure to 0.2 in/wc or to the manufacturer’s specifications by reducing the duct outlet size uniformly.

G:\Hearth\EE - Emissions and Efficiencey\Furnace solid fuel\Lab Procedures for EPA Air Furnaces 11.11.16.doc

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