FC1000E/SF1000E/X1020/L1020: EPA 2020 Certification Report


d. Calculate leakage rate as follows.

System 1: DGM3-DGM 1 = CFM 1 System 2: DGM4-DGM 2 = CFM 2

If CFM 1 or CFM 2 is greater than 0.02 cfm, or 1 S greater than 0.04 x Sample Rate, leakage is unacceptable and system must be resealed. For most tests the sample rate will be 0.25 cfm, thus leakage rates in excess of 0.04 x 0.25 = 0.010 cfm are not acceptable. e. To prevent contamination, do not insert probes in tunnel until the start of the test run.



A. Pre-Test Fuel Load

1. Using oak wood, operate normally until the unit is heated and has cycled at least 2 times. Then remove all contents and zero scale 2. Reload with oak wood (pieces approximately 2” thick) and allow to burn down to specified coal bed weight.

B. Test Fuel Load

1. Determine optimum load weight by multiplying loading area volume (ft 3 ) by 10lbs/ft 3 . This is the ideal load weight. 2. Test load fuel shall be red or white oak cordwood with a dimension of 20- inches (± 4”). Moisture content of each piece needs to be within 18-28%, with the overall average to be between 18-28%. 3. Weigh out test load and adjust weight by shortening or lengthening all pieces equally if necessary. 4. Measure and record moisture content of each fuel piece (using five total measurements). Determine if fuel load moisture content is within required range (18-28%). If not, construct new fuel pieces using wood with required moisture content. Contact laboratory manager if you cannot find suitable pieces.

C. Unit Start-Up

1. With all doors and air controls closed, zero draft magnehelic using screw located at bottom of meter. 2. Before lighting a fire turn on dilution tunnel and set flow rate to 60 scfm. 3. Check draft imposed on cold stove. All inlets must be closed and a draft gauge in the chimney. If draft is greater than 0.005 inches water column, adjust tunnel to stack gap until draft is less than 0.005 inches water column.

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