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Blac Chyna Airs Her IRS Dirty Laundry

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IRS Terror Tale of the Month Blac Chyna Airs Her IRS Dirty Laundry

Blac Chyna, formerly married to Rob Kardashian (Kim’s younger brother), is in trouble with the IRS — and it will take more than a song and dance to get her out of it. This spring, the Nicki Minaj music video stunt double, former exotic dancer, and reality star appeared in court as part of a lawsuit against the Kardashian family. Chyna hoped to get financial compensation for the cancellation of the defunct reality

TV show“Rob & Chyna.”She asked for $100 million, claiming defamation and contract interference. Instead of paying up, the family’s lawyer trapped her into airing her own IRS dirty laundry on the witness stand. According to TMZ, Chyna admitted during testimony that she hasn’t paid her taxes in years and doesn’t even have a bank account. Yikes! More specifically, the celebrity hasn’t filed personal taxes since 2015, or filed for her businesses (Lashed LLC, 88 Fin, and Blac Chyna Inc.) since either 2018 or 2019. The IRS won’t take that news well — especially because Chyna reportedly made about $2 million from 2018–2020 through a combination of celebrity appearances and OnlyFans posts. In her bid to secure money from the Kardashians, Blac Chyna may have inadvertently painted an IRS target on her own back. Stayed tuned to the ongoing saga, as I’m sure the IRS will bring this star back to reality.

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