Crest Ink - Volume 29 - Number 04

2017 Supplier of the Year Brennan & Stuart by Jeff Meiners

Brennan & Stuart was recognized as the Crest supplier of the year at our supplier recognition event on September 15th. What…you’ve never heard of Brennan & Stuart? They are the name behind the names in that they have been our broker for various insurance products for over thirty years. In other words, they are the people that make the deals with the com- panies that provide insurance for Crest. In our minds, they have become an indispensable resource in helping Crest navigate the literal minefield that has become the insurance industry over the past decades. We spend many millions of dollars every year on insurance – health, workers comp, property, casualty, liability, product recall…heck, you can even buy insurance coverage for terrorist activity. The complexity involved with understanding any of these areas is immense and our ability to comprehend them well enough to be a savvy buyer of these services is fortified by the knowl- edge and level of service that Brennan & Stuart brings to Crest every day. The word business partner is thrown around very easily by companies that have very little commitment to truly being a busi-ness partner, but these people embrace the concept and practice it in a very real way every day with Crest.

Courtney Skoog, Michelle Schmidt, and Mark Stuart of Brennan & Stuart accepting their Supplier of the Year award from Jeff Meiners

We can’t talk about service enough when we talk about their partnership with Crest. We physically survived the tor- nado of 2015 because of the grit and determination of our employees…part of the reason we financially survived

the tornado was due to the same kind of grit and determination on behalf of our insurance broker. We’ve become innovators in health care coverage and wellness with their support as well. Most importantly, they have taken the time to learn Crest culture and to make sure that what is offered to us in the form of insurance programs is sup-portive of who we are as a company. We seem to pride ourselves with presenting them with unusual requests and they seldom fail to accommodate our needs to be different. If the quality of a business can be seen in the relationships it builds with their staff, customers and vendors, then it becomes very obvious that Bren- nan & Stuart runs a superior business and we are more than proud to call them our Supplier of the Year. Congratulations to Mark Stuart, Michelle Schmidt, Courtney Skoog, Joni de Souza, Amy Kiphart, Kaye Hurless and their entire team behind the scenes on earning this honor. Thank you for all you do for Crest Foods.

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