Crest Ink - Volume 29 - Number 04

A Pink Ambulance Visits Crest Foods by Cheri Kemp

In the Crest Foods parking lot stood a shiny, spotlessly clean and pink ambulance, just waiting for someone to take a perma- nent marker to it. This may sound a little absurd, but the pink ambulance sponsored through the Northern Illinois chapter of Guardians of the Ribbon, paid a visit to Crest Foods in August. The Guardians of The Ribbon and Pink Heals Tour mission is about men supporting women in their fight against any type of cancer. Firefighters will dress in pink gear and participate in parades, at community events, and else- where to raise funds and awareness for women fighting cancer. This particular ambulance, named Anna, was also to honor former Crest Foods employee Anna Richter. Anna was also an EMT for the Ashton Fire Protection District before she lost her battle with melanoma at the tender age of 30 in 2013. The insignia on the side of the ambulance contains Anna’s name along with that of Tammy Bryant, an Amboy firefighter who has battled cancer and won! Anyone is welcomed to write a message on the sides of the ambulance in honor of or support of someone fighting the battle against cancer. The Guardians of the Ribbon and the Pink Heals Tour began in 2007 through the vision of a man named Dave Graybil and began with one pink firetruck. This has now morphed its way in to hundreds of pink firetrucks, police cars & ambulances in two countries under the umbrella of Guardians of the Ribbon! The Northern Illinois Chapter of Guardians of the Ribbon had housed a pink fire truck, Jessica, in McHenry County for many years and scheduled its appearance, so any area organization could request the use of it for fund raisers. Recently the Amboy Fire Protection District became the foster parents to Jessica the pink firetruck and now Anna the pink ambulance. Crest Foods made a generous donation to ‘pinking up’ the ambulance in honor of Anna Richter. It is important to note that the firemen’s association takes on the mission of the Pink Heals tour with no expense to the actual fire district so donations are crucial to their mission. Anyone wishing to donate or schedule an appearance by Jessica the Fire Truck or Anna the Ambulance can contact the Amboy Fire Protection District at 815-857-2325.

A close up of the insignia on both sides of the ambulance with a handful of signatures.

Employees took the time to sign the ambulance in rememberance of Anna or a loved one.

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