CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #2

it occasionally to check it out. The link to our most recent editions of our CCI Review will also be included. Visit here. We will continue to post Condominium Legislation Updates provided to us by CCI Toronto Chapter as we receive them. If you haven’t reviewed them, you can find them here.


The Education Committee is in the process of finaliz- ing educational events, including presenters. They will continue to be online as we remain attentive to your health and safety. Notification will go out by email, posted on social media and on the website. Watch for that infor- mation.


We are so grateful to all of our friends who are professional and business partner members in CCI across the nation. Our organization is made stronger for you by their significant sharing of information in the form of blogs, notices, articles, etc. Do check out our social media platforms so you can keep up-to- date on what’s new or coming up in legislation or content in response to issues arising in our condominium community. There are also postings on upcoming events in the form of webinars, nearby conferences and more. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook and Instagram yet, please do!

Thank you to everyone who visits our social media pages.

We look forward to your participation.

We it!

2020/2021 - 2 — 5

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