CCI-Review - 2020/2021 - #2

CCI Review Has Gone Digital


As you know, CCI is a non-profit organization. Funding for the organization materializes from membership fees, advertising, sponsorships, and participation at events. COVID- 19 has put a definite and abrupt dent into this year’s budget plans. In order for us to follow health guidelines to insure that our members remain safe, postponements were put into place and new plans promptly organized so we could proceed to share while maintaining our budget goals. While going digital was in our strategic planning for the future, COVID-19 brought that forward very quickly, not only to meet the funding portion of printing and mailing but also to minimize the possibility of spreading the virus. Once we have finalized each edition of the CCI Review , the Administrator will send out an email Communique to all members, along with the link. The benefit to an online version of our newsletter, includes our ability to expand on the number of articles we share. We appreciate your understanding in this new venture.

This year’s season of’ holidays will look and feel different if we are following guidelines to lesson the virus spread and keep our families safe. We hope you will remain well and safe during this time by following the guidelines, individually and collectively. On behalf of the entire CCI Board of Directors, we wish you a joyful and healthy holiday and the light of future get- togethers. Be well, be safe.

Advertising Opportunities

If you are a professional or business partner in our chapter and would like to participate in supporting our publications or events, please contact the Administrator by email at for information or visit our website CCI's Social Media is seen by hundreds of board members, owners and others serving in the community. As professional and business partner members, your sponsorship of events or the articles you write for our newsletters are shared with all members and those in the wider audience following us online.

A Message of thanks for Your Generosity, from TLC

Every year TLC Landscaping Design organizes and collects food and supplies for the London Food Bank from their incredible condo clients. As you can imagine, this year, the need in our community grew with the COVID-19 crisis. The strength and generosity of TLC’s clients was incredible. The staff at TLC gathered over 26,000 pounds of food during one week of collections. Thanks to all who were so generous to the need in our community.

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