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Thinking About Selling Your Business in 2023?

Grow Your Business With These 3 Rules

Master These 3 Simple (But Critical) Rules WANT TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

FOCUS ON REVENUE GENERATION INSTEAD OF BUSINESS COSTS. It costs money to run a business, but you should not focus solely on money leaving your bank account. Start building plans to create revenue that covers your business’s expenses. Part of the reason you started your business was to make money, so start making money! Focus on creating sales and operation processes that align with your company values and promote more business. Doing so will offset the costs of doing business while bringing in more revenue that can be used to grow your company. THERE ARE NO OTHER RULES! According to Tracy, no other secret rule will bring success to your business. If you put quality first and focus on revenue generation, you can grow a profitable company.

As a business owner, you’ve likely spent a lot of time working to improve your business. You’ve read business books and attended seminars to enhance your skills. Occasionally, you learn something revolutionary that allows you to implement practices that make your company more profitable.

strategy, creativity, and more. If you haven’t read anything by Tracy or heard him speak, you’re missing out on valuable business advice. Tracy recently unveiled his three rules for business success. By following these rules in your own business, you can reach new heights and accomplish your goals. QUALITY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN COST. The big question: Do you cut costs and offer a lower-quality product, or do you deliver a high-quality product that’s more expensive? Tracy recommends providing a higher-quality product every time. If you make a cheap product and sell it for a low price, the customer will be happy at first to get a great deal, but their joy will fade as the product starts to wear down. This is how customers look at your business.

Brian Tracy, CEO of Brian Tracy International, is no stranger to offering revolutionary business advice. He founded his company nearly 40 years ago, which provides counseling on leadership,




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