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Even When the Tide Turns We Know How to Fight for You

We see clients from every walk of life who left their original country for any number of reasons. But the one similarity they all have is that they came to the U.S. seeking a better and a more hopeful future. Our clients have taken the first difficult steps of advocating for themselves so that we can continue advocating for them to achieve their dreams.

The problem was that this filing happened to coincide with the timing of the Supreme Court’s decision that district courts would no longer have jurisdiction to rule on habeas cases. That meant many people would be left in detention while their cases were pending. For New Frontier, it meant that we had to fight even faster for our client. It got down to the wire, but we finally managed to secure a second interview, and subsequently, went on to a bond hearing in front of a judge. We proved credible fear for our client, showing that his previous country was too dangerous to return to. The judge ruled in our favor, making our client bond eligible. He is now able to apply for asylum and begin the process of naturalization. Our former client now lives with his sponsor, a close family friend in New York. We’ve helped him pave the way for his journey to achieving citizenship, and it no longer seems as impossible to him as it once was. No matter how dire your circumstances may seem, New Frontier will find a way to fight for you, too. If you or someone you know needs our help, give us a call.

We recently helped one such client take those first important steps to naturalization. He was a young man from Sri Lanka who came to the U.S. seeking asylum. He left a dangerous situation in his country, and even though it meant saying goodbye to his family, it was a decision he had to make to protect his life. When he arrived in the U.S., he was detained and put through his initial interview about why he entered the country. Because this interview is often done rapidly and under duress, it’s common to request a new interview. We also filed a habeas petition in an effort to have our client released to his sponsor rather than remain in the detention center while he waited.



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