Journalist's Guide

A Message from Mary Ellen Barbera, Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals

The public relies upon the press for information about court proceedings and services. Accurate reporting best educates members of the public about the work of the Maryland judicial branch. Given the media report on at least one aspect of the legal system every day, it is essential that journalists have the tools they need to provide accurate and thorough coverage. I am therefore pleased to present this, the third edition of the Journalist’s Guide to Maryland’s Legal System . Intended as a resource for journalists who report on Maryland’s courts, the Journalist’s Guide has served reporters for almost two decades and has been well-received by journalists, judges, and court staff, as well as earned praise from court and media professionals in other states. This new edition has been both thoroughly reviewed and updated to reflect changes in the Judiciary and the media. Like the previous editions, it is intended to be a valuable resource to new and experienced journalists alike. The Maryland Judiciary strives to improve public awareness and understanding of the court system and its role in resolving conflicts, providing justice, and upholding the rule of law. In order to achieve its goal of communicating effectively to help assure access to justice, the Maryland Judiciary provides public information to journalists, as well as facilitates educational programs and activities for Marylanders. The chair of the Community Relations Subcommittee, the Hon. Pamila J. Brown, District 10 Administrative Judge, led the workgroup composed of former journalists and representatives from the Maryland State Bar Association. The contributors to this edition of the Journalist’s Guide worked assiduously to examine the Guide and provide corrections and updates for this edition. This project would not have been possible without their dedication and diligence, and, to them, I extend the gratitude of the Judiciary.


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