Journalist's Guide

A Message from the Hon. Keith R. Truffer, President of the Maryland State Bar Association

The freedom of the press, as outlined in the First Amendment of our Bill of Rights, is a cornerstone of our democracy, ensuring government accountability to the American people. Although media formats continue to evolve at a near-unprecedented pace, all remain grounded in this fundamental liberty. Sound and knowledgeable legal reporting is critical to the accurate reporting of nuanced information to all citizens, irrespective of education. From lone bloggers to the White House Press Corps, it is incumbent upon journalists to have a solid understanding of the basic tenets of our justice system as well as fundamental legal terminology. The Journalist’s Guide to Maryland’s Legal System - a collaborative effort between the Maryland Judiciary, the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Maryland State Bar Association - was created to help you communicate more effectively with your audience and, in doing so, help you to best fulfill your role in fostering an informed public. The Maryland State Bar Association is proud to co-sponsor The Journalist’s Guide to Maryland’s Legal System . Working together, we can help to fulfill the promise imbued in our Constitution.


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