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Enbridge Gas line broken on Cameron An excavation company conducting work on Cameron Street on November 17 hit an Enbridge Gas line causing a leak. “It’s not that serious,” explained Roger Champagne, Hawkesbury fire chief. “A lot of people get very concerned when they hear ‘gas leak’, but it is under control.” several communities are commemorating the men and women that sacrificed their lives for the security of our country. The Hawkesbury Legion visited several com- munities to show the Veterans who are still with us that we will always remember them. In Vankleek Hill, residents gathered No- vember 8 at the cenotaph at Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute despite the chilly breeze. Le dépôt de neige quitte la Main La Ville de Hawkesbury a annoncé que le dépôt de neige de lamunicipalité change d’adresse cet hiver et que le terrain vague de la Main ne sera plus utilisé à cette fin. Le nouveau dépôt de neige est situé sur l’ancien terrain de l’usine textile Amoco. Cette nouvelle en réjouit plus d’un. En ef- fet, de nombreux citoyens s’étaient plaints de l’achalandage des camions sur la Main durant les mois d’hiver en raison et la pollu- tion sonore qui en découlait. L’ancien dépôt de neige n’était pas idéal car les camions devaient, bien souvent, couper la circulation pour déverser leur contenu. La proximité du site avec la rivière des Outaouais pou- vait également être un problème pour les écoulements de contaminants et aussi pour la neige tombant du monticule au bout du terrain et dans la rivière.

Every December, Scherer Gardens gets transformed into a magical place for children and adults to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Heidi Suter fromTwo Bite Sweets is seen here at the bakery with Mrs. Claus (Eva Zimmer- man). People were lining up to get a taste of Christmas.

With Santa taking requests and elves around every corner, kids can’t help but smile and feel the excitement of the season. Visitors can roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, play in the elves’ playground, go on a wagon ride, feed Santa’s reindeer at the petting zoo, and, of course, visit with Santa. Visitors can also shop at Santa’s gift shop, buy baked goods, and even buy a pre-cut Christmas tree, or cut your own. Guests were all smiles as they explored the enchanted Christmas playground. Mrs. Claus read stories to the children, and Santa Claus listened patiently as the kids told himwhat is on their wish list. Visitors from far and wide came to spend the day with Santa and all the elves.

Remembering our veterans More than 44,963 young Canadian men and women gave their lives during World War II and more than 65,000 during World War I. Many more gave their lives or were severely injured in the KoreanWar, and while serving missions in the Gulf War, Kosovo, Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq and the present war against ISIS terrorists. Remembrance Day is November 11, and


November’s Reality Tour was such a great success that the group of dedicated vo- lunteers who organized it have decided to do it again in February and again in April. Led by community volunteer Caroll Carkner, a group of committed and enthu- siastic volunteers launched a drug aware- ness and prevention program in the Van- kleek Hill and surrounding areas aimed at helping parents and teens aged 10 to 17. The event included guest speakers, live re-enactments, and videos showing the consequences of drug use and abuse. “Drugs are a problem in our area,” explained Carkner. “We have to do so- mething about it.” A recent study by the EasternOntario Health Unit indicated that more than 51 per cent of students have used drugs by the time they reach grade 12.The goal of the Reality Tour is to reach children before they start to experiment with drugs. The next event will be held on Saturday, February 20, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Pleasant Corners Public School. Only 100 spots are available and those wishing to attend must register before the event. Registration can be found at the Bank Na- tional, 38Main Street East in Vankleek Hill or Theoret & Martel Insurance Brokers, 1 Main Street in Hawkesbury. Registration forms are also available in local schools. The forms will be available inHawkesbury at Le Sommet, in Vankleek Hill at Van- kleek Hill Collegiate Institute, Pleasant Corners Public School, St. Jude’s Catholic Elementary School, and in Hammond at St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School. The organizing committee will be ga- thering on January 10 at 1:30 p.m. at the Anglican Parish hall in Vankleek Hill to start preparing for the event. More information on the Reality Tour can be found by contacting Caroll Carkner at 613-678-2820, by email at vkhreality- tour@gmail.comor by visiting the Reality Tour Facebook Page at www.facebook. com/vkhrealitytour.

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