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I nterior A rchitecture By Richard Gacek, Gacek Design Group Design Trends


he idea of simplicity in our interiors contin- ues to resonate with

ity and highlights elements like streamlined furnishings, natural materials, and lack

design while supporting the concept of form follows func- tion, (the shape or attrac-

modern style are still promi- nently used, only now, the interior living environments are designed with materials that are organic and provide a casual, comfortable aesthetic. Materials such as raw woods, leathers, and natural fibers that are light in tone, coupled with a neutral earthly color palette to bring nature to the indoors. Reflective surfaces like chrome and glass are sim- ple and clean. Simple linen or woven blinds, (or little to no window coverings), bring warmth and natural light into the space. Furniture with minimal detail, straight lines,

and few curves; and a less is more approach to accessories like vases, collections, pillows, and blankets complete the look. Simplicity, harmony, and wellness are integrated to create both residential and commercial designs that resonate. Commercial interiors have also taken a more promi- nent role in the development process. From retail stores with coffee shops and spas, to shared workspaces that look like living rooms, the lines between work and lei- sure are becoming increas- ingly blurred. Amenity and hospitality spaces are more elaborate, well thought out, and designed based on life- style preferences. Successful commercial interiors tell a story and offer an experi- ence...this concept has been something that we at Gacek Design Group have been tout- ing for a few years now. We see this Experiential Design as a trend that supports a differentiated product in the marketplace. In addition to an experi- ential, modern style, here are some additional design trends: - White kitchen cabinetry remains most popular; as well as the use of cabinetry with warm wood tones, or accent colors like blue and gray. - Mixing metal finishes are still prevalent; we now see a combination of finishes with different sheen and texture; we enjoy the combination of matte black, antique brushed gold, and honed stone. - Geometric patterns have moved from fabrics and art- work to tiles and wall cover- ing. - Black is the new Black. Black accents are trending from painting a focal wall, (in a well-lit room), to appliances and hardware. Try matte black fixtures in kitchens and baths. - Don’t forget the fifth wall. Ceilings are painted and papered. Also designed with exposed beams, ship lap and millwork patterns. - Greenery in color and plant form help us reconnect to nature. More use of Liv- ing walls and live plants is evident; we also see the use of green upholstery, wall cover- ing prints and fabrics. Richard Gacek is the Principal Designer of Gacek Design Group. 

t h e ma n y of us and is abs o l u t e l y r e i n f o r c e d in our living spaces - the way we live and function; what our en- v i r o nme n t

Successful commercial interiors tell a story and offer an experience...this concept has been something that we at Gacek Design Group have been touting for a few years now.

of clutter. Traditionally, architects communicate modern de- sign in a simple form. Clear views of structures with open spaces are developed with no decorative details. Concrete and structural beams are left exposed. Elements like glass, wood, and steel show off the

tiveness of a design element should come from the search for the function rather than the use of the decoration). So, what do we see today? Living spaces and home set- tings have become a retreat from the commotion both po- litically and environmentally. The characteristics of the

Richard Gacek

looks like; and what pieces we surround ourselves with. From an interior design per- spective, the increasingly popular modern style ad- dresses this idea of simplic-

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