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By Hank Weiss, Glas-Tint, LLC Resurface - rather than replace


resurfacing projects can be completed in just a few hours. The Real Appeal! A commonmisunderstanding people have when considering resurfacing instead of remodel- ing is that they worry their dec- orative options will be limited. With the wide array of styles, colors, and patterns avail- able with Altyno, companies that choose resurfacing have a virtually unlimited range of possibilities to choose from. Architectural films simulate wood, metal, or stone surfaces as well as unique architectural looks.

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this pointless and costly waste. This is the ever-present obstacle in any business. One of the reasons that busi- nesses don’t remodel is because of the downtime they would have to face because every hour that your business is closed results in a reduction of your profits. The loss of revenues added to the high price of remodeling can make it seem like you are paying for your upgrades twice. Architectural film gives you the great new look you desire in a fraction of the time. In fact, many architectural film

here is a simple guide. - Choose remodeling if the areas you are concerned with are in such bad shape that they need complete replacement. - Choose resurfacing if the areas that you are concerned with are simply worn-out or outdated. If your company wishes to make near permanent chang- es, remodeling may be the best solution. Of course, if you sus- pect you may want to update your look again in a few years resurfacing will provide you with the flexibility to do that. continued on page 18C

They also add a fresh new feeling to any of your interior spaces. Some typical surfaces that can be transformed: Doors, elevators, nurse sta- tions, wall panels, office kitch- ens, lobbies, bathroom parti- tions, columns, building exte- riors and much more. Making the Choice between Resurfacing and Remodeling If time and cost aren’t your top concerns, you may still be having trouble deciding whether to choose a remodel or resurfacing project. To help,

to make a first impres- sion.” W h e n i t comes to your business, that vital first im- pression often comes from the building

Hank Weiss

and space you are working with. Take a moment right now to envision what people see when they first walk in. Have you had upgrades, fixes, or remodeling projects you have put off because of cost or time constraints? How old and outdated are your interiors and exteriors? Have you considered resurfac- ing instead of remodeling? Why Many Companies Choose Resurfacing If you haven’t looked into resurfacing as an option, you might be surprised at some of the advantages this process can offer a business like yours. Here are some of the ways you might benefit from a simple resurfac- ing job. Less Cost One problem that everyone has with full renovation is the price tag. Remodeling even one room or area can be far costlier than you would expect. Conversely, resurfacing with architectural film gives you that brand-new appearance that comes from remodeling without all those expensive bills. Less Disruption Remodeling results in a busi- ness disruption. It is unavoid- able. Either you have to close for for a few days or you must stay open while workmen saw and hammer away in the back- ground, but no matter what, when your business is disrupt- ed, it costs you money. Architectural films like Alty- no requires minor preparation, no demolition, and minimal equipment, allowing for a quick installation process that doesn’t interrupt daily business. Less Waste When you remodel your build- ing, you must throw out all the old parts and replace them entirely. This creates a large amount of unnecessary waste and is not a very eco-friendly solution. Most surfaces are just outdated and need a makeover; they are not so structurally un- sound as to need a full replace- ment. When you resurface with architectural film, it eliminates

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