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seem, relates to the patient. In that way, the nature of their labor is informed by a higher purpose. If a staff member stays late, arrives early, or walks a patient to their car, you’ll never catch them rolling their eyes or searching for logic behind the request because they understand everything they do is based on the sole premise of serving others, the higher purpose of medical care. Other more corporate businesses have strict policies for what they look for in an employee, and, while there is no 100% foolproof method for finding a perfect fit in an outpatient facility, the ideal candidate must have some kind of underlying moral framework for caring for others, and that’s a characteristic I can pick up on right away. I’m grateful to have found a group of hardworking, dedicated, and thoughtful humans who have the innate ability to make patient care a priority. However, because I have such loyal staff, I have to ensure they all take time away from the office for rejuvenation. No matter how generous a person is, if they aren’t able to rest, they will start experiencing role strain, which brings their attention inward rather than on patient care. Here, we take to heart the meaning of the old adage: “No one can pour from an empty cup.” This month, with Labor Day as a big priority, I hope my staff members feel the support and appreciation they deserve. As individuals, they are phenomenal, but as a team, they are an unstoppable force. To them and to all the other hardworking people out there, thank you and Happy Labor Day!

My Own Unstoppable Force: The Staff Members Who Keep Me Sane

Health care has increasingly become a more collaborative endeavor. Patient outcomes are impacted by their overall medical care and commitment to a treatment plan, but they are also significantly influenced by a medical team’s ability to communicate with each other and work together. Here at Louisville Sports and Injury Center, Inc., without every member of our team doing their part, our patients wouldn’t know the value of a healing environment, and this cannot be understated. That is why I wanted to set aside some time this month to acknowledge the fantastic people who decided to make our office their second home. While we are an outpatient facility with a relatively small team, our schedules are chock-full of tasks and responsibilities from sunup to sundown. If you remember reading through some

our staff biographies featured in previous newsletters, then you know each member of the team often has a difficult time pegging down exactly what their job position is. That’s because everyone lends a hand wherever that hand is needed! No one here thinks or would ever say, “That’s not my job.” It’s just not the way our clinic is structured. “If a staff member stays late, arrives early, or walks a patient to their car, you’ll never catch them rolling their eyes or searching for logic behind the request because they understand everything they do is based on the sole premise of serving others, the higher purpose of medical care.”

–Dr. Trace Kelly

Every single thing they do, regardless of how important or trivial it may initially

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Chronic Anger, Your Heart, and Your Health How This Emotion Is Doing You Harm Anger is a common emotion. It’s natural, and it’s a part of how you respond to certain circumstances in your environment. It’s how you express extreme displeasure. However, new research suggests chronic anger can be detrimental to your health. Essentially, it comes down to this: If you are stressed, tense, easily irritable, angry, and “snippy” all the time, you may be doing serious harm to your well-being. Studies have already shown a link between anger and the heart. People who showed signs of feeling anger on a regular basis experienced higher rates of heart disease. The first studies on the impact of anger came out in the 1950s and have since been confirmed: Chronic anger physically harms the heart. Why? When you get angry or upset, your brain triggers the release of specific hormones, including cortisol and norepinephrine. These hormones are responsible for triggering the “fight or flight” response. When these hormones enter the bloodstream, your heart rate increases and arteries constrict. This helps to more effectively pump blood to the arms and legs for a fight or a flight. The problem is that when a person is constantly angry or upset, these hormones course through the body more frequently, stressing the arteries and internal organs. As a person ages, this stress can become more damaging. One study that appeared in the Psychology and Aging Journal looked into this phenomenon. Researchers found that there is a link between frequently experiencing anger and increased inflammation and chronic illness for people ages 80 and older. This equated to more instances of heart disease and dementia. The study also looked at other emotions, including sadness, which has also been linked to heart disease and other inflammatory diseases. Through a number of tests involving 200 participants ages 59–93, the researchers concluded anger was far more detrimental to a person’s health than sadness. Ultimately, if you regularly experience rage and frustration, properly dealing with your anger is one of the best things you can do for your health. Every person’s situation is different, and it comes down to getting to the bottom of what makes you angry so you can work through it, whether you work through it alone or with a mental health professional. Take the steps to prioritize your mental and physical health, and your efforts will pay off tenfold in the long run.


With the passing of Labor Day and teen drivers heading back to school, the 100 Deadliest Days of Summer have officially come to a close, but, while the number of automobile collisions declines during these slower paced autumn months, accidents can still unfortunately occur. One of the most common injuries you might suffer if you’re in an accident is whiplash. Many drivers have heard of this ailment before, but few understand what it means from a medical standpoint. Here in the office, our experts regard it as an injury that occurs to a patient's neck following a sudden acceleration or deceleration force. According to recent studies, whiplash forces the lower cervical vertebrae into a position of hyperextension while the upper cervical vertebrae become hyperflexed. This abnormal movement creates an S-shape in the cervical spine which can cause issues in the surrounding ligaments and muscles. While this injury typically stems from motor vehicle accidents, the term morphed from a description of similar injuries sustained during train accidents in 1930 commonly known as “railway spine.” With the induction of whiplash, railway spine has since retired from our language register. Patients from all walks of life come to our office after suffering from whiplash due to a recent accident. While doctors of the past used to keep these patients in soft neck collars to ensure immobilization, recent studies have shown the benefit of early range of motion excersizes as long as there is no evidence of abnormal spine alignment. Here at Louisville Sports & Injury Center, we will work closely with you to create a list of rotational exercises to help strengthen muscles and reduce painful motions to get you out of the cervical collar and back on the road as soon as possible. Have you been in an accident? Do you still suffer from whiplash or any other type of injury you sustained? Don’t wait another minute in pain. Call us at 502-451-5959, so we can get you help immediately!

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What You Can Do to Help

A new school year is a prime opportunity for kids to make new friends among their classmates. Unfortunately, kids also form connections during the school year that aren’t always positive, and many children become the targets of school bullies. If you suspect your child is being bullied, there are a few things Kids usually don’t open up about being bullied right away. However, there are some common signs that your child is being harassed. Here are a few of them: • If they’re refusing to go to school or ride the bus, they may be dreading their bully. you can do to help. Know the Signs

• If they’re rushing to the bathroom after school, it may indicate that they’re being bullied in the bathroom, which is a common tactic bullies use to avoid teachers. • If their grades suddenly change, it may be the result of constant harassment. • Anxious or depressed moods can be the result of bullying as well. If you spot one or more of these signs, it’s time to talk to your child about what’s happening to them at school. Listen When your child does open up, the best thing you can do is listen. It can be tempting to try to give them advice

or question the way they handled the situation, but doing this can give your child the impression that it’s their own fault they are being bullied. Let them tell you the whole story, without judgment, and then help them come up

with ideas on what to do next. Finding the Right Solution

Once you’ve been informed that your child is being bullied, you should inform teachers as soon as possible. Apart from that, there are several ways you can help your child to deal with bullies, so talk to them about what approach they would be most comfortable with, such as de-escalation strategies or a buddy system with their friends. As with most conflicts, the sooner you handle the situation, the better.


Basil Berry SORBET


• 1 cup sugar • 1 cup fresh basil leaves • 6 cups frozen mixed berries • 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Directions 1. In a saucepan over high heat, combine sugar with 1 cup of water, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves, creating a syrup-like consistency. 2. Remove syrup from heat, add basil, cover, and let stand for 15 minutes. Strain syrup into bowl and refrigerate until cold. 3. In a blender, combine syrup with frozen berries and lemon juice. Purée until smooth. 4. Transfer to a square baking pan, cover in plastic wrap, and freeze until set, about 2 hours. 5. Scoop and serve.




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Happy Labor Day to My Wonderful Staff Members

What’s Up, Louisville Locals! These Two Upcoming Events Will Get You Out and About

Just because fall has officially started doesn’t mean all the outdoor fun has to stop. Here in Louisville, we have a fantastically energized community that never fails to offer up some of the best events for our locals to enjoy. This month, you should be on the lookout for several great activities, but the two events that struck our fancy will allow you to have fun, stay healthy, and enjoy nature, all at the same time! The 6th Annual Louisville Dragon Boat Festival comes to town Saturday, Sept. 7! Come on down to the Wharf in Waterfront Park where you can watch as teams of 20–25 people compete by paddling and working together to power a dragon boat. The course stretches between two bridges across the mighty Ohio River and is exactly 300 meters long. The event starts at 9 a.m. and doesn’t end until 4 p.m., so you can bring the whole family down to watch this incredible competition at any point during the day!

Plus, if you’re more of a participant than a viewer, you can start your own team and compete in the festival! All skill levels are welcome and will be provided with equipment, boat, and training. The organization does, however, require all participants to be at least 12 years old. If you’re interested in registering, go to LouisvilleDragonBoat.com! Norton Sports Health Great Pumpkin 10K will take place Saturday, Sept. 21! Register early and enjoy a scenic course the Parklands of Floyds Fork. Every year, the Louisville Sports Commission hosts their Fall Runathon, and this 10K is the season’s second race in 2019. The run/ walk race will be professionally chip-timed so participants know their ending overall rank, and all who compete will receive a free T-shirt and custom medal! That’s not all! There will also be a 3/4-mile kids fun run on the Egg Law, as well as a Wellness Festival you can peruse after all that running! Look up NortonSportsHealth10K.com to get more information and register for the race. You’re bound to have a great time!

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