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Things to do at the counties

aged, the Residence, is located in Hawkes- bury, the counties support the Centre d’accueil Roger Séguin in Clarence Creek. The current arrangement makes sense, he allowed. “People want to stay close to home.” Parisien commented: “We are in the planning stages now.”However, he stressed, “We need to focus on regional development if we want to sustain or promote growth.” The trail A clear path ought to be defined for the development of the recreational trail, ob- served Barton. While considered a key to tourism, the trail “is used on a local level; it does not at-


L’ORIGNAL | Buildings, trails and roads are just some of the items that comprise the “Things To Do” list that must be handled by Prescott-Russell united counties coun- cil in the coming year. When Hawkesbury Mayor René Berthi- aume succeeds The Nation Mayor François St-Amour as Prescott-Russell warden De- cember 18, the eight-mayor council must also draw up a list of priorities, suggested

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Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton

Champlain Township Mayor Gary Barton at a recent session. Municipalities continue to struggle to find money for infrastructure improve- ments, he noted. “Infrastructure is a prob- lem for everyone, but there is not a lot of money floating around,” he pointed out. “We need to decide where we’re going and where we’re spending our money.” Council members concur that the regional govern- ment ought to build reserves for the public works department and a new Prescott-Rus- sell Residence. Chief administrator Stéphane Parisien added that the counties would also have to decide whether to build an addition to the administrative headquarters in L’Orignal. An expansion would enable the counties to consolidate all operations. As for a new home for the aged, this proj- ect would take five to ten years to complete. Concerning the location of new facilities, Barton wondered: “Do we want one in the east and one in the west? Can we afford two residences?”While the official home for the

tract people to follow it from end to end,” he said. A gravel surface, the type found on most of the path, “is not fun when you have an expensive bike.” “Major issue” A potentially controversial move would be the push to develop the trail along the Ottawa River. “Acquiring private land will be a major issue,”cautioned the veteran mayor. County Road 17 Eventually, the counties must take action to improve a section of County Road 17 south of Hawkesbury at the intersections of Cameron and Tupper Streets, Barton said. “I am shaking my head over the development in that area,” Barton commented in refer- ence to the highway that forms a border between Hawkesbury and Champlain. Rapid commercial development in both municipalities has created greater conges- tion on the important artery. Work must be carried out on the strip located between Highway 34 and the East Hawkesbury Township boundary, he con- tended.


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International award for La Ferme Gillette CANDICE VETTER CANDICE.VETTER@EAP.ON.CA

daughters and grand-daughters, including daughter Gillette Bolton 2 nd Sleep and grand-daughter Gillette S Planet 2 nd Snooze are also exceptional brood cows. Earlier this year 2 nd Wind was also named Bullvine Dam of the Year and Holstein Canada Cow of the Year. La Ferme Gillette has had an exciting 2012. Their first sale in many years was held and their famous cow Smurf was named by Guinness Book of World Records for lifetime milk production.

STEINS, Holstein International, the Holstein trade journal read in 66 countries, has recently named Gillette Blitz Second Wind (2 nd Wind) of La Ferme Gillette in Embrun Global Cow of the Year. 2 nd Wind was chosen on her ability to pass on her superior traits to her offspring. Five of her sons are ranked Class Extra. Her NETHERLANDS |

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