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If your car started running slower and slower every month, you’d likely take it to a shop or take a look under the hood to figure out the problem and get it back to its normal speed. Few people know that you can do the same thing with your computer when it starts to slow down. Taking it to a professional for help is a great choice, but you can try some things at home first; in fact, you should be doing these things routinely. Your computer can get bogged down for a variety of reasons, like outdated drivers or too many programs running at the same time. Sometimes all it takes is a few updates and a clean shutdown and restart. But in many cases, the issues run deeper than that. After a while, computers fill up with unnecessary junk, like temporary internet files. They cause essential programs to become sluggish and unresponsive and take up valuable hard drive space. There are many

free system cleaners online that can flush these third-party programs out, but remember to be smart about what you download and use.

If you’ve got a cluttered desktop full of shortcuts and stored files, then cleaning it up is a great way to speed up your computer. Every time you turn your computer on or the desktop refreshes, it has to spend valuable time and energy loading every one of those icons, files, and folders. The more items there are to load, the more overloaded your hardware becomes as it funnels its resources to them. You should also go through your personal files and find anything you don’t want or need anymore. Things like programs you installed but no longer use or old video and photo files that you don’t need readily available can be backed up in cloud storage or to an external hard drive. This frees up space for things that help your computer run quickly and efficiently. MEDISOFT, LYTEC, NEXTGEN, & APRIMA SUPPORT PLANS FOR HOSTING, BACKUP, AND MORE Need Support? Call 480-497-7480 if you have a support contract. Don’t Have Support? Plans start at just $99/month. Call us at 855-455-5035 to get started with support, training, electronic claims, electronic health records (EHR), hosting, backup, and more. We have so many tools and services to help your business become more efficient, keep its network protected, and remain a thriving independent practice. We want to help your practice perform at the highest possible level by providing services that help you get the most out of your software. Be sure to check our website often at to learn about upcoming trainings and other events we host. DON’T FORGET TO UPGRADE YOUR SOFTWARE!


Maian Pediatrics is a medical office that treats infants, children, teens, and expecting mothers. After the office’s frustrations with using the electronic health record (EHR) systems that their previous provider didn’t accurately implement into their office operations or adequately train them to use, Maian Pediatrics decided enough was enough. Lynda Tarsitano, the office manager, always felt that with their previous EHR system, their patients viewed them negatively because it seemed like they had no idea what they were doing when it came to operations. It would take them far too long to locate files, make appointments, or process credit cards. However, by seeking out the hands-on help that AZCOMP provides, Maian Pediatrics has finally been able to run a much smoother practice. “Moving to the NextGen Office practice management and EHR system with AZCOMP has been one of our best decisions,” Lynda says. “NextGen Office works perfectly for us, and the IT managed services AZCOMP provides have been wonderful. It makes us more efficient, and the doctor is now able to spend a lot more face-to- face time with each patient. We love having AZCOMP’s continued support, and we’re beyond amazed at how they work together as a team to take care of us.”

We love helping our clients deliver the absolute best service to their own clients!

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