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Not all stories of great triumph emerge from amazing feats of bravery. Sometimes, the most important moments in our lives unfold when we decide to have a little fun and see what happens. Washington Nationals outfielder Gerardo Parra was feeling the same low morale that all his teammates felt when suffering a 0-23 game slump in June 2019. No tactic they tried seemed to spur a win, not even ritual. Each batter had a selected walkout song to pump them up on their way to the plate, but it’s like the tunes were tuned out. Fans in the stands felt the same way. So Parra decided to interrupt the tough times with a moment of fun. He chose the viral toddler tune “Baby Shark” as his at-bat song one game. He had no idea it would become the anthem to the greatest playoff run in MLB history. The catchy song finally roused spectators, brought them to their feet, and

got them cheering for their team. Every time Parra came to bat, the crowd was ready to sing. That energy kept spirits alive and gave the Nationals the boost they needed to win. The inspirational spark kick-started a run for the playoffs, and ultimately, they won the franchise’s first ever World Series title. Like Gerardo Parra, at AZCOMP, “We work hard; we play hard.” We put a lot of serious care and effort into what we do because we strive to provide the best services. But we also know that if we take ourselves too seriously, it can have the opposite effect. Making sure we play hard after we’ve worked hard gives us the boosted morale we need to turn around and do even better the next time. If you can find the fun in things, that means you can find joy in them too. And whether you’re a technology business or a professional baseball player, finding joy in what you do makes you great at what you do.

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