Vektek Vises

Standard Vise Precision Modular Vises Series


The optional jaws (ordered separately) have a 5mm X 5mm step which allows the use of the reversible rear jaw step. Combines with the magnetic parallel plates, intermediate movable jaw and step in the prismatic movable jaw which allows you to clamp plates. The prismatic jaw “V” slot jaws hold round workpieces either vertically or horizontally. 2 HIGHEST ACCURACIES 0.0008” Solid vise base. Every sliding and coupling surface is precisely ground. Tight tolerances are guaranteed by checking with automated CMMs. Perfect alignment with the machine axis is ensured by longitudinal and cross keyways for easy installation and setup. 3 RIGIDITY AND SAFETY Both jaw bodies are built in one solid piece to guarantee higher rigidity and no bending. The jaw plates are designed with a pull down angle. During the clamping operation, a downward force is created holding the workpiece against the vise base for precise and safe clamping. Pull down action can be limited by fixing the jaws in the down position with the retention screws. 4 JAW HOLES FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS

The most popular!

• All steel construction hardened and ground HRc 60 • Accuracy within 0.0008" • Geometrically toleranced surfaces and locators make initial setup and gang operation easy. • Pull down jaws help hold the part against the vise base while clamping and can be locked in the down position if pull down action is not needed. • Space saving shorter vise base frees several inches of “Z” travel for parts and spindle. • No wear (5 year warranty) • Long bases are available to hold larger parts, up to 20” or more. The jaw carrier is normally within the base length dimension and never extends beyond the vise base when used to hold smaller parts.

Four extra tapped holes over the jaws for stacking soft jaws over the existing jaw set.


Pull-down & Concentric Forces The screw is on the top portion of the vise to avoid any contortion or jaw bending.



Other vises have screws on the bottom of the vise creating uneven torque in the jaws.





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