Vektek Vises

Flex Vise Innovative quick change jaw guide system for pull-down jaws TM


• MODULARITY & VERSATILITY • CHANGE JAWS IN SECONDS • HIGHEST ACCURACIES 0.0008” • RIGIDITY & SAFETY • SPACE SAVING DESIGN 1 HIGHEST REPOSITIONING ACCURACY CUTS SETUP TIME Geometrically toleranced bases assure the jaw position relative to the locating keys and vise base surfaces, cutting setup times dramatically. 2 GREAT SAVINGS IN JAW CHANGING TIMES Thanks to the manual interchangeable quick jaw plate, guiding comb and quick change mechanism. 3 PULL DOWN ACTION Guided pull down action thanks to the matching comb guided jaws and carriers. Serrations also help prevent entry of chips which can cause mis-alignment.

Same as Standard, PLUS... • Vertical operation as a 2 sided tower on horizontal machines. • Quick change jaws with comb guiding feature for easy changes. • Great savings in vise resetting times and jaw changes. • More effective protection from chips. • Increased and more precise guided pull down action. • Highest repositioning accuracy.

2 PRECISION LOCATING HOLES Allows for minimum of set up time with perfect alignment each time!




Positioning and clamping with vise clamps


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