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THANK YOU, TEAM! Honoring My Dedicated Employees Each month, you humor me as I humbly brag about my girls, my growing family, and my pride in serving this country. It’s been an honor to share these stories with you and I cannot wait to share many more. (Thank you for reading!) This month though, I decided to do something different and recognize the team I’m proud to work with every day. It’s not easy to find employees who align with the goals and core values of your practice, but I believe we have assembled a group of hardworking individuals who epitomize my principles. I’m honored to admit that I hear multiple unsolicited compliments about their work every week, and it makes me proud to work alongside them. I would not be where I am today without their support, belief in our work and dedication to our team. Let’s start with the person who has been on our staff the longest. Our office manager, Allie, joined the team more than eight years ago, and she has been an invaluable asset to our team since day one. Allie is our fireball of energy who keeps our team positive and upbeat. Many of you know Allie for her welcoming demeanor and as the first person to greet you when you walk through our door. We always know who’s arriving because seconds after the front door chimes, we hear Allie’s booming, energetic voice welcoming patients to our office. I’m not surprised when a patient whose appointment ended 20 minutes ago is still chatting away with Allie out front. Next, I’d like to highlight Ginger, our dental hygienist. If you were to look up “team player” in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Ginger next to it. She is fiercely loyal to our team and has developed quite an army of very loyal patients. You can rely on Ginger to complete her work beyond what is expected, always going the extra mile for her patients. As a local, Ginger is also a big Washington Nationals and Washington Capitals fan. Needless to say, the past few years have been very exciting for her and our local fans!

My assistant, Chrissy, is also a local. She sits knee-to-knee with me as we treat patients, and working with her is like quiet worker who likes to focus on my tasks, and without having to be prompted, Chrissy always knows what I need, what instruments to give to me, and what the next step will be. She makes having an extension of myself. I’m a very

every treatment process seamless. Patients often comment about how well the procedure went when so few words were spoken.

Last but certainly far from least, Judy, our receptionist and newest member of the team, deserves some of the spotlight. You may recognize Judy by her Texas drawl and very polite way of saying “yes, sir” and “yes, ma’am.” Judy makes every patient feel welcome and treated with the utmost respect. It’s been fun having Judy around the office, especially since she and I have a few things in common. Judy recently became a grandmother again, and her son attended the Naval Academy. As a West Point graduate myself, I don’t hold it against her — I’m joking, of course — but we have plenty of war stories to swap. These four women make my practice stronger every day, and I could not fulfill my dreams without them. Thank you, Judy, Chrissy, Ginger, and Allie. I’m proud to be part of your team.

– H. Charles Jelinek, Jr., DDS


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How to Talk to Loved Ones About Sleep Apnea Broaching a Touchy Topic If you’re concerned that your partner or a member of your family suffers from sleep apnea, a disorder that causes people of any age to stop breathing for at least 10 seconds at a time, it’s important to note that most people who suffer from the condition only seek treatment after being urged to by a loved one. However, sleep apnea can be a sensitive subject, and you may need to ask more than once before those close to you to seek treatment. Here are a few tips to get you started. FOCUS ON THE SYMPTOMS. Focus on the health reasons for seeking treatment. The symptoms of sleep apnea are serious and don’t stop at daytime sleepiness. They also include impaired memory and cognition, feelings of depression, and high blood pressure. By keeping the conversation focused on the health reasons for seeking treatment, you keep the focus off of your loved one’s loud snoring and on their well-being. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE INDIRECT. When Dr. Jelinek consults with his patients about sleep apnea, he asks them whether or not they’ve ever been told they snore instead of asking them directly if they snore. This takes away some of the embarrassment people have about snoring. Sometimes, all you need to make the conversation more comfortable and productive is a small tweak of language. PROVIDE EVIDENCE. Some people need to hear it to believe it. With their permission, record your loved one while they sleep. After hearing the recording of their disrupted breathing for themselves, most people will agree to seek treatment. If somebody in your life is suffering from sleep apnea, keep in mind that the condition is often accompanied by embarrassment. By focusing on health risks, being indirect if needed, and providing evidence, you can be an instrumental part of getting your loved one the relief they need. Dr. Jelinek is one of only five dentists in the northern Virginia area who are Diplomates of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. He is especially qualified to treat sleep apnea, and treatment doesn’t necessarily have to involve a CPAP machine. To learn more or to schedule an appointment for your loved one, call 703-584-5996 or visit NorthernVirginiaDental.com.

HELP YOUR KIDS ACHIEVE MORE THIS YEAR With Simple and Actionable Goals

With every new year comes an opportunity to reinvent ourselves or start down a new path toward self-improvement. Making resolutions is a big part of many families’ New Year’s traditions, and parents often have a desire for their kids to take part in that tradition when they’re old enough. Following through on resolutions is tough, especially for young children, but with your help, they can achieve their goals. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. You are your children’s role model for almost everything, including following through on New Year’s resolutions. So, ask yourself if you follow through on your own resolutions. When you proclaim that you will read more books or finally get a gym membership, do you actually try to do it? Your kids will assign as much importance to New Year’s resolutions as you do, so by sticking to your own commitments, you can help them stay on track too. KEEP THINGS SIMPLE AND ACHIEVABLE. When your kids are forming their resolutions, their first attempts will probably be very broad. Statements like “I want to be more kind” or “I will try to help more around the house” incorporate good values but don’t include any actionable steps. Help your kids think of tangible ways to act on those goals. For example, if they want to be tidier, a good resolution might be for them to clean their room once a week or take responsibility for one household chore every day. DON’T DO ALL THE WORK FOR THEM. While it’s important for you to help your kids formulate their goals, be sure that you aren’t taking over. If they’re ultimately responsible for their resolutions, they’ll feel more compelled to keep them. Instead, suggest different goal areas they could improve, such as home, school, or sports, and let them elaborate. When it comes to creating habits, nobody is perfect, so even if your kids falter on their goals in the middle of February, don’t worry. The important thing is that you continue to encourage them every step of the way.



Make a commitment to your well-being and get a better night’s rest in 2020. Call 703-584-5996 to set up your complimentary sleep apnea consultaiton today. It may be the best decision you make for your health.

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Marathon Runners Get Sleep Apnea Too


Everybody can picture the stereotypical person who suffers from sleep apnea: overweight, old, and most definitely a he . But the truth is that anybody can suffer from sleep apnea, even young and fit females. As a dentist who specializes in the disorder, Dr. Jelinek works with a broad spectrum of patients. Recently, he treated a female marathon runner. She was thin and fit but genetically predisposed to sleep apnea, and she had all the symptoms. Risk factors for the disorder do include some of the stereotypical things associated with sleep apnea, like being over the age of 40 and carrying excessive weight. But ultimately, the deciding factor in who suffers from sleep apnea is genetics. For example, if you have a small upper airway, you are at increased risk of developing sleep apnea. In fact, this is the very reason Dr. Jelinek Sleep apnea doesn’t discriminate.

has sleep apnea! He inherited his father’s small airway, and today, he treats his condition with an oral appliance. The risk also increases for people born with a recessed chin or a large tongue, tonsils, neck, or uvula. Other genetic risk factors include having a small jaw or a large overbite. The bottom line is that anybody, regardless of age and fitness level, can suffer from sleep apnea. If you find yourself waking up abruptly in the night or suffering from symptoms of sleep deprivation, which include excessive sleepiness during the day, high blood pressure, depression, difficulty concentrating, irritability, learning and memory difficulties, and sexual dysfunction, Dr. Jelinek and his team can help. Dr. Jelinek has helped hundreds of patients suffering with sleep apnea. If you or somebody you love is struggling with symptoms of sleep apnea, give us a call at 703-584-5996 or visit us at NorthernVirginiaDental.com today.

Hoppin’ John A traditional New Year’s favorite in the South, Hoppin’ John includes black-eyed peas that are said to represent coins, a sign of prosperity for the coming year. It’s usually served alongside collard greens, which represent cash.



1 smoked ham hock

1 cup dried black-eyed peas

1 medium onion, diced

5–6 cups water

1 cup long-grain white rice

1 dried hot pepper, optional (arbol and Calabrian are great options)


4. Add rice, cover, drop heat to low, and simmer for 20 minutes, undisturbed. 5. Remove from heat and let steam for an additional 10 minutes, still covered. 6. Remove lid, fluff with a fork, and serve.

1. Wash and sort peas. 2. In a saucepan, cover peas with water, discarding any that float. 3. Add pepper, ham hock, and onion. Gently boil and cook uncovered, stirring

Solution on Pg. 4

occasionally, until peas are just tender, about 90 minutes. At this point, you should have about 2 cups of liquid remaining.

Inspired by Epicurious


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My Employees Make Me Proud


Helping Your Kids Make New Year’s Resolutions How to Talk to Loved Ones About Sleep Apnea


What Really Causes Sleep Apnea? Hoppin’ John


Enter 2020With an Organized Computer

Ctrl, Alt, Delete Your Clutter Tips for National Clean Up Your Computer Month

Everyone relies on technology. Computers, laptops, tablets, and phones are staples of modern life. However, it’s easy for these devices to become cluttered

ORGANIZE YOUR FILES Naming and arranging the files on your computer in such a way that they’re easy for you to find can end up saving you a lot of time. Declutter your workspace by creating one file for pictures, one for Word documents, one for spreadsheets, and one for programs to eliminate the hassle of frantically searching for the files you need. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER Be sure to back up your computer before you start deleting things. This acts as a safety net in case you delete something you didn’t mean to. Additionally, consider installing a second hard drive. The extra space can help with storing important files without having to worry about how much room is left. CLEAN UP SPACE Any files you’ll never use again should be deleted. Likewise, any programs you haven’t used in a while should be uninstalled. Check your hard drive for files that might be taking up unintended space on your computer. And remember to empty the recycling bin — it’s easy to forget just how much goes in there.

with old photos, files, and general disorganization. Luckily, January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month and an excellent time to get your technology in order.

START BY DUSTING Over time, computer towers can become clogged with dust, which creates additional, unwanted heat within your computer. Regular cleanings will increase the lifespan of your computer and protect its essential components. Compressed air is great for removing most of the dust and other particulates. If the fans or filters are too dirty, you can remove them from the tower to clean them better. If you use water or liquid cleaning products on them, be sure they are completely dry before placing them back into your computer.


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