Learn | Issue 3 Spring 2021

WHAT IS THE CROWN COLLECTION? Maybe the simplest question but the hardest to explain, The Crown Collection is a culmination of many, many things. At

surface level, we are an art gallery offering the most unique forms of art we can find. Whether it be in the form of jewelry, paintings, sculptural work, or the other mediums we deal in, we strive to offer things that can’t be found elsewhere. Similar to the art we offer, we aim to present a vibe that cannot be duplicated. Beneath the surface, you will find The Crown Collection is a family of collectors, creators, artisans, and appreciators alike that strive for inclusivity and originality. I think this is what makes our gallery unlike countless others. We believe this authenticity and love sets us apart in one’s pursuit for truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

HOW DID YOU START THE CROWN COLLECTION? WHAT WAS THE VISION FOR IT? In 2010, I became inspired to support talented artists just through the art community I had been exposed to in Colorado. I started to buy small cases of jewelry and art from my friends who were incredible emerging artists back then, and once in my possession, I would show others my newfound treasures. After selling the entire case, except for maybe one that I loved too much to let go of immediately, I’d purchase another case. I did this for years until I compiled an extensive collection of pieces that continued and continues to this day, to grow with us. Over the past decade, I created a network of collectors and artists and became the curator I am today. It started as an art collection and a page where you could find really unique art, but now it feels more like a community of artisans and collectors sharing the same passion. The vision grows every day and is always changing based on what I’m inspired by. I can only hope I inspire others too.

The early days of the Crown Collection: Ryan selling pieces in 2014.




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