Learn | Issue 3 Spring 2021

THE CROWN COLLECTION INCLUDES MANY DIFFERENT FORMS OF ART, INCLUDING JEWELRY, MINERALS, PAINTINGS, FUNCTIONAL GLASS, PHOTOGRAPHY, SCULPTURES, CLOTHING, AND DIGITAL ART. WHAT ARE THE ELEMENTS THAT TIE THESE WORKS TOGETHER? Yeah, we love all forms of art! Everything represented through The Crown Collection is something that I have personally connected to. It could be a color scheme, it could be an element of storytelling, but it all has to touch me. I really connect with aesthetics and vibes, so I guess you could say that’s where it begins. To put it simply, everything that I work with is interconnected through the beauty of art! AS A COLLECTOR AND RESELLER, YOU BRING A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE TO THE TABLE. WHAT AESTHETICS DRAW YOU TO A PIECE? Thank you, haha, I definitely aim to be different and “unique”, so I appreciate that. I’d say, instead of searching for inspiration through what mentors and others are doing or have done, I’m solely using my personal taste to select pieces. Like what I’m drawn to right now is going to affect the selection process and that’s something that is always changing. I’m always finding inspiration in my day-to-day life and I use this inspiration, like architecture, home design, and other alternative sources to drive my collecting prowess. I think it comes down to what I believe is good taste, or rather “unique” taste haha. WHAT DO YOU THINK A BUSINESS LIKE THE CROWN COLLECTION BRINGS TO THE INDUSTRY? HOW IS IT BENEFICIAL TO ARTISTS? We are bringing a focus point for new and progressive art and providing an expansive platform for those that may not fit into the existing molds. I think people know to expect the best from us whether that’s regarding quality and craftsmanship of jewelry, or vision and execution of any other type of art. That cosign, similar to great art dealers of the past, can go a long way for emerging artists.

Bracelet and watch by Christopher Ser Photos by Daniel Zetterstrom




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