Learn | Issue 3 Spring 2021

Gallery in Denver, CO (May 2017)

HOW DO YOU DETERMINE WHICH ARTISTS TO WORK WITH? DO THEY PRESENT A PROPOSAL OR IS IT COMMISSION-BASED? The artists I work with are chosen based on aesthetics, innovation, execution, and refinement. That’s the aesthetic part I was just talking about. In addition, who I work well with determines the longevity of the partnership. That’s the vibe part. Seeing potential in a growing relationship is crucial for me. HOW INVOLVED ARE YOU IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS? This really depends on which creative process and with who. Every project has the right amount of involvement, I can say that much for sure. Some of what you see on our page we make in-house, meaning I’m involved with everything from design to production to finishing. However, working with so many talented artists, of course this varies. Some projects I give creative direction like color schemes and layouts, and some I just sit back and wait for them to wow me with what they do so well. I do love being involved though if they’ll have me — haha! YOU HAVE HAD GALLERIES IN COLORADO AND HAVE DONE POP-UP-EXHIBITIONS AROUND THE WORLD. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHERE TO SHOW OFF A PARTICULAR COLLECTION? We started in Boulder, CO and later moved, opening our second gallery in Denver. The Denver location closed when we moved to Los Angeles. At the moment, we are by appointment only in Los Angeles — but we have big plans for a custom gallery experience in the near future. We have deep roots in both Denver and Los Angeles. As far as pop-up events, we love to travel! Let us know if you have a destination you want to see us and who knows! We really do exhibitions wherever the opportunity arises. We have been fortunate enough to be offered some pretty amazing venues by friends and clients. However, we will also sometimes choose the location based on the aesthetics and vibes of the particular collection. There it is again, haha.




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