Learn | Issue 3 Spring 2021




I think I’ve developed and earned a trusted reputation with my buyers and sellers alike. When someone sees a piece I am selling (almost always through social media, i.e. Instagram) they know the quality and design are going to be top of the line. People know me for good business and that’s what I’ve strived to cultivate for new and familiar collectors. This almost always leads to great relationships. Also, I have an incredible platform to connect with new clientele via social media. I mean how amazing is it that I connect with anyone around the world about these art forms?! YOU’VE BUILT NOT JUST A FOLLOWING, BUT A COMMUNITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA. DID THIS HAPPEN ORGANICALLY OR WERE THERE SPECIFIC ACTIONS YOU TOOK TO ACCOMPLISH THIS? I pride The Crown Collection on the organic growth we have achieved, and still to this day have not done any paid advertisements. I don’t think the same could be achieved through specific actions, haha. People want to connect, and for that to happen they need authenticity. I think that vibe is what attracts so many. Feeling like they are in the right place for the right reasons, no scams or phones listening to what you like, to show you our sponsored ad. I will say I am incredibly fortunate for the support of so many people including all of our followers online and community offline, as well as amazing and inspiring artists, musicians, influencers, and collectors. Working with incredible individuals like Billie Eilish, Diplo, G Eazy, 6lack, 24kGoldn, Savage x Fenty, Miguel, Maluma, and others have greatly enhanced our visibility and is just such a testament to the community and vibe we have helped create thus far. Such a blessing. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS AND VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF THE CROWN COLLECTION? The vision and goal are to continue supporting and contributing to the growth of incredible artists. I want to continue to help new artists emerge, gain exposure, and push the envelope of creativity. For collectors, I want to continue offering the opportunities to collect all of these amazing, unique pieces. As well as growth! I want to grow. I don’t know how exactly, but I can say, back as a college student, I never could have expected starting The Crown Collection. So I know just staying true to the vision, the aesthetic, and the vibe will get me where I want to be. That being said, moving forward, I have big visions for a new-style exhibition space that we will all explore together as the world opens up.




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