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The last several months have seen most of us recording record amounts of time on the couch. So much so that people are beginning to think that COVID-19 stands for the 19 pounds everyone gained during the pandemic. If you’ve put on some weight during this time here’s a great solution: it’s time to get active! Fortunately the weather is cooperating so now is the time to get some fresh air and start exercising. With that in mind here are a few tips. If you’re not totally comfortable going outside and being around people for fear of the virus that doesn’t mean you can’t get active. Get out and walk around your house and development early in the morning before everyone gets up, 6-8 AM should work well. Plus it’ll be cooler if it’s particularly hot that day. Don’t forget to wear your mask just in case you bump into another early morning exerciser. Other options are all of our wonderful parks. I’m not 100% certain but as of this writing I believe most state parks are free right now - so go enjoy them. Walk, bike, jog, or do some simple exercises amidst the beautiful scenery. I find that most people don’t take advantage of many of our most beautiful parks. Everyone knows Eisenhower Park or Cantiague Park but there are so many other more rural and forested parks that are under-utilized. You can even take the Greenbelt trail that goes north to south almost the entire girth of long island. Check it out here:

Want to start up a new sport or activity. Now’s the perfect time. Let’s take golf as an example. Due to restrictions from the virus the golf capacity at one time has been reduced. While it can be more difficult to get a tee time it also means that you have more space between people playing so you won’t feel rushed and you can get a few extra practice swings without feeling that you’re holding everybody up. I hope this sparks some ideas for everyone to get active. Being in this business and helping people improve their physical lives I’ve realized that when it comes to activity there is definitely something for everyone. As a matter of fact if you’re reading this and you can’t figure out what that something would be for you then I invite you to call me up and together we can find an activity that is just right for you. Call 516.681.8070 today! Now get out there and be active!!

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