Ideally, the committee would be

“A model

The path is being recognized as a link for

representative of the citizens in each

cyclists originating in Ottawa, Montréal


and Cornwall, Bissonnette noted.

meetings will be held throughout the

Efforts are also continuing to bolster

summer to prepare for the planting,


connections with Argenteuil, Papineau,

scheduled for the fall.


“We’re calling on the volunteers and


champions within your communities:

Tulips to brighten

is being sought from residents from across

people who enjoy gardening, those who see

the region for an autumn tulip-planting

the beautification of the trail as an asset,

recreational path


and those who want to be a part of this

Planters needed

change,” said Bissonnette. “We’re truly




The National Capital Commission in

To join the trail’s beautification

Ottawa has given 10,000 tulip bulbs which

The ultimate aim of Prescott-Russell

committee, contact Louise Bissonnette at

are to be used to beautify trail pavilions in

Recreational Trail promoters is for the




path to be recognized as a leader of the

Hill and St-Eugène.


The Prescott-Russell Recreational Trail

“In time, our precious cargo will be


stretches 72 kilometres east to west across

brought to the participating communities

and active transportation,” project officer

the United Counties.

and with the help of a landscaper and

Louise Bissonnette told united counties

The five pavilions offer parking, toilets

community volunteers, we will proceed

council recently, noting that solidifying

and an information kiosk.

with the planting,” said Bissonnette.

links with neighbours will propel the

Access to the trail is free. The trail is

The current mandate is to create a new

district closer to this objective.

managed by Prescott-Russell Economic

volunteer committee and set the wheels in

An application has been submitted to

Development and Tourism. For more

motion on setting the bulbs and


information, visit

embellishing the trail.

to finance a development strategy for the


A new


évadez-vous avec nous !

Another source of conflict has cropped

up among the already divided Grenville-

sur-la-Rouge municipal council.


notice that she intends to replace Mayor

John Saywell as the municipality’s

representative on the MRC d’Argenteuil


In a typical split vote at a recent meeting,

Monette’s appointment was supported by

Councillors Noël Baril, Alain Carrière and

Pierre Lessard while Councillors Daniel

2.5X 2012 Location à partir de 279 $ 9 /mois taxesen sus UÊ Comptantexigé :2599$ (taxesen sus) ouéchangeéquivalent UÊ Montant totalexigéavant ledébut de location :2988,20$ (taxes incluses)

Gauthier and Teresa Ogle Foreman voted

against. Monette says she intends to serve


as MRC council member for the remainder

of her term as councillor. The current

council’s term ends in the fall of 2013.

Saywell did not attend the session. In a

recent open letter, he wrote he would be

abroad on business from June 4 to 23.

When he returns, Saywell hopes to have

an answer to an unusual request. Citing the

“deep conflict”within council, he has asked

the Québec municipal affairs ministry to

appoint a trustee to oversee the

municipality. “Upon my return, we should

have received concrete proposals from the

Caractéristiques offertes TRACTION DESÉRIE

À LA LOCATION dépôt de sécurité 0 $ km alloués 20 000 km/année km excédentaires 0,10 $/km

government regarding solutions to allow

MOTEUR DESÉRIE Moteur BOXER SUBARU de haute performance

TRANSMISSION ENOPTION Transmission CVT Lineartronic ® (boîte à variation continue)

the town hall to regain control over its

VÉHICULESÀÉMISSIONSQUASINULLES Forester, Legacy et Outback disponibles en version PZEV Optezpour la technologiePZEV, la solution écologiqueabordableet sans compromis.

operations,” he wrote.

Système de traction intégrale symétrique à prise constante Subaru

“I believe that this is the only remaining

sur la Outback, pour un rendement énergétique remarquable


and move on from the current crisis,” said


The mayor noted that Baril, Carrière,

Lessard and Monette now assume “total

responsibility for the resolutions and by-


2.5i Commodité 2012 Location à partir de 329 $ 9 /mois taxesen sus UÊ Comptantexigé :2865,27$ (taxesen sus) ouéchangeéquivalent UÊ Montant totalexigéavant ledébut de location :3294,34$ (taxes incluses) 48 MOIS

Gauthier and Teresa Foreman, as well as

myself, the Mayor, are systematically


excluded from the elaboration of priorities

or any meaningful vote taken at council.”

Meilleur choix sécurité †

Meanwhile, Saywell faces legal action

aimed at forcing him to step down. This

follows a vote of non-confidence earlier this


year. “I firmly believe that their complaint

will be summarily dismissed,” wrote

Saywell, relating that grievances filed as


part of the non-confidence motion “were

Économied’essence (l/100 km) CVT Lineartronic ® Ville 9,5 /Route 6,9 6MT Ville 10,6 /Route 7,4

recently rejected by the department of

municipal affairs as frivolous and

Japonais et plus encore!

Indiced’octane recommandé :87


Saywell has cited the dissent as a reason

292, rte. 327 (rte. du Nord) Brownsburg-Chatham Tél. : 450 562-0262 Sans frais : 1 877 568-3121

for the recent departure of administrator

Pascal Surprenant, who recently quit to

assume a similar post in St-André-

d’Argenteuil. He has been replaced on an

NormandPoitras Spécialiste enproduits

DanielCusson Directeur desventes

interim basis by assistant general manager

NicholasGuilbault Spécialisteen véhiculesd’occasion

LindaFrancoeur Directrice financière

and finance director Carolyn Ayoub.

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