HOT | COOL NO. 4/2022 - "How to get started?"

Hot Cool no. 4 is about HOW TO GET STARTED. In this edition you can read about the "Waste Heat Knowledge and Communications Gap" in the UK and how to address it, and about how a municipality in Belgium got started with sustainable district heating. Do not miss the interesting article "Digitalization of the demand-side" and the column stating "Let's compete - but against relevant alternatives! You can look forward to some fantastic articles that give great input to “How to get started.” First, a team from Ramboll introduces the different roles different actors have to take to make these urban infrastructure projects successful. Maëlle pinpoints two essential conditions that need to be in place to make a DH fly. The choice of components is vital – of course, it is! Read how your Owners Engineer should play a vital role in ensuring the highest quality level of your system. And finally, Denmark ranks at the top of the World Energy Councils' energy security, energy equity, and sustainability rating. Of course, district heating is key – read how and why in this issue of Hot Cool.



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