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vaccine administration: ASSURING SAFETY

T E S T Post Test Instructions: Completion of an online post-test with minimum passing score of 70% is required to be awarded CPE contact hours. To access the online post-test for this program, go to: www.pharmacytechnician.org, select “CE” from the navigation menu and then click on “Online CE”

8. It is always good practice to keep patient information private and not share it with others. A. True B. False

1. When focusing on the safety of pharmacy technicians administering vaccines, which areas of safety should be considered? A. The safety of the administering technician

B. The safety of the patient C. The safety of the public D. Each of these should be considered

9. When should the hands be washed or sanitized? A. When visibly soiled B. Before (donning) and after (doffing) gloves C. When preparing the vaccination with dilutant D. All of the above

2. In the event of a vaccine related adverse event, where should the adverse event be reported? A. To the Advisory Committee on Immunizations Practices (ACIP) B. To the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) C. To the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Med-Watch Program D. To the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) 3. Which of the following lists the steps in vaccination correctly? A. Wipe the skin over the deltoid with an alcohol pad, inject the patient, place bandage over injection site, review patient allergies B. Review screening questions, set up work-space with sharps container within reach, wipe the skin over the deltoid with an alcohol pad, inject the patient C. Wipe the skin over the deltoid with an alcohol pad, review patient allergies, inject the patient, move the sharps container within reach D. Vaccinate the patient, review the patient screening questions, check the ACIP recommendations for vaccinating 4. Which of the following documents should be provided to a patient before vaccinating? A. The Vaccine Package Insert B. The Vaccine Information Statement C. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System mandatory reporting list D. The Federal PREP Act 5. Which of the following is an essential component of herd immunity? A. Vaccines B. Exposure to Infectious Disease C. Wearing Masks D. Hospital Isolation Wards 6. A patient who refuses an influenza vaccine will refuse all vaccines. A. True B. False 7. Pregnant women can administer live, attenuated vaccines. A. True B. False

10. What are the 5 rights for patient safety when administering a vaccine? A. Right dose, right vaccine, right documentation, right time, right area B. Right dose, right patient, right drug, right time, right route C. Right dose, right patient, right vaccine, right documentation D. Right dose, right patient, right route, right schedule, right order 11. Wild strain smallpox has been recently eradicated from Africa. A. True B. False 12. After giving a vaccine, where does the needle, with safety activated, immediately go? A. The garbage B. Into lab coat pocket C. To the pharmacist to recheck the order D. Sharps container 13. When reviewing the patient screening questions, a Pharmacy Technician should verify: A. Allergies B. Patient name

C. Patient birthday D. All of the above

14. Using safe practice techniques, the right way and consistently will improve: A. Efficiency B. Patient safety

C. Personal safety D. All of the above

15. The ACIP vaccination schedule only lists adult vaccine schedules. A. True B. False

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