Music City Plastic Surgery - December 2019


Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Grace Kelly. Their names alone conjure up images of classic feminine beauty and a longing for days gone by. Hollywood is still filled with beautiful faces today, but for many women, modern pageantry just can’t compare to the glamour and romance of the past, when bold lipsticks and short skirts were still daring. One of those women is Gabriela Hernandez, the founder of California makeup company Bésame Cosmetics. Her brand strives to capture the past by painstakingly reproducing lipstick, blush, and mascara from the 1900s, down to perfectly matched colors and detailed packaging. Every product in the Bésame cosmetics line has a story and date attached. Hernandez delves into vintage makeup for inspiration, and when she finds the perfect shade of lipstick or blush — like 1941’s Victory Red or 1931’s Carmine (a “neutral orange-red”) — she and her team recreate it using cruelty-free ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. The presentation is as faithful as the colors: Bésame’s mascara is sold in historically accurate cake form (just add water and apply with a tiny brush), the lipsticks come encased in “a red and gold lipstick bullet inspired by the tubes of the 1940s” and are cut in a classic shape, and the powder foundation is sold in vintage-looking plastic compacts. Winter is already here, but don’t fear if you didn’t get the tan you were hoping for in the summer. We have great tips and tricks to achieve glowing skin using lotions, all in the comfort of your own home. STICK TO OILS Oil-based tanning products are not only quicker and easier to apply to your skin but they also help nourish dry skin that can come with the harsh winter weather. They also give you a more subtle glow so you’re not shining like a beacon. EASE UP We can’t stress this one enough — always wait for your first layer of color to take the time it needs to develop before putting a second coat on your skin. It’s easier to gradually build your color than it is to go back and remove too much color, so just be patient. APPLY POWDER Applying baby powder post-tan is a great way to prevent any streaking or creasing on your skin. Sprinkle it on areas that either bend or sweat a lot, like elbows, knees, and armpits. PLAY THE LONG GAME Temperature changes in winter can lead to mottling of the skin, which gives it an unhealthy look. Instead of doing two or three hefty treatments, opt for gradual tanning lotions. Apply them about once a week throughout the winter to achieve gradual but consistent color to your skin. It’s more work but more consistent.

In addition to its historic lines, Bésame also partners with Disney to bring the looks from its classic cartoons to makeup tables nationwide. Those collaborative collections include products based on Mickey Mouse, “Peter Pan,” and, most recently, “Sleeping Beauty.” The latter was crafted to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1959 film and includes an eyeshadow palette designed to look like the film’s jewel- encrusted storybook, a “royal vanity mirror” plated in rose gold, shades of lipstick matched to Aurora and Maleficent’s lip colors (which Disney provided), and even a “Make It Blue Make It Pink” color-changing lipstick that harkens back to the film’s fairies! Bésame’s products are locally made in California, where it has a brick- and-mortar store in Burbank. If you’re outside the Golden State, learn more at


TAN LAST If you’ve got other upkeep planned for yourself this winter, make sure you do it all before you start your tanning regimen. Things like hair waxing, manicures, and even shaving can cause patches in color, and even completely remove color in some areas.

Don’t let dreary weather keep you down this winter. Keep your sunny disposition by feeling great in tanned skin that isn’t harmful to achieve.


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