Crest Ink - Volume 27 - Number 03

Crest Ink Volume 27 • Number 03 July, August & September 2015

Ashton, IL 61006

Nobody Was Hurt

by Jeff Meiners

It is a five minute drive from my home to the Crest Warehouse. The thought kept running through my mind, as I tested the limits of how fast my car could actually go, that we had a lot of people in that facility at that time; and what situation would I encounter when I pulled up. The best possible news was received upon arrival that everyone was accounted for; no one was hurt; and, by the way, we managed to get the sprinkler system turned off before the contents of the reservoir were emptied into the already damaged warehouse. The news that no one was hurt kept everything else we had to deal with in perspective. No funerals or hospital visits – we could manage everything else. The damage to the warehouse was pretty extensive. Nearly 100,000 square feet (about one third) of our facility was damaged beyond repair. Close to 3,000 pallets of finished product and raw materials were destroyed. The total estimate of expenses associated with a few seconds of tornado was in the $10,000,000 range. We were shut down. Walker Ashley, Ph.D. Associate Professor in the Meterology Program, Department of Geography at Northern Illinois University was tracking the storm and captured a photo as the tornado was hitting our Warehouse.

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