American Consequences - March 2021


T his time last year, the world was spring-time light at the end of the tunnel is here... But how has the world that’s opening back up changed? On the anniversary of the global pandemic lockdowns, editor-in-chief P.J. O’Rourke takes a cultural retrospective, wondering if America learned the wrong lessons from the pandemic (if any at all) and what COVID has really cost us. gripped with fear. Now, we’d like to think that’s been replaced by hope. The And after these 12 months of being locked up, P.J. has freedom on his mind... He delves into a quantitative analysis of freedom (hint, wealth plays a big role). Writer Christine Rosen uncovers who is to blame for this nation’s pause on school this past year... our children’s education and livelihoods suffering during the pandemic. Switching gears, publisher Trish Regan takes an inside look at the politicized minimum- wage debate and all its messy implications. And while America busies itself with culture wars and canceling old children’s books, executive editor Buck Sexton wonders whether the Biden administration is up to the task of its greatest geopolitical challenge: keeping pace with China.

Speaking of the Sleeping Giant, veteran Washington Post writer Keith B. Richburg details how the Chinese Communist Party has claimed its latest casualty: the once- prosperous Hong Kong. New to the American Consequences team, writer Andrew Amundson interviews a wildcatter from Texas who has the inside scoop on what went wrong in the Lone Star state last month. Executive Editor Kim Iskyan details how right now it’s a bubble market in everything , as evident by celebrity SPACs and Dogecoin, and offers some tips to keep your portfolio from going pop when the you-know-what hits the fan. Which could be sooner than you’d think... Dr. Steve Sjuggerud details how this historic stock Melt Up will inevitably come crashing down in 2021 – and shares everything you should do as an investor to prepare for it. Commodities wizard Jay Cauuwe delves into the recent GameStop short squeeze... But he argues there’s a bit more to the story than first meets the eye. And in a new feature we’re unveiling this issue, Dunce of the Month , we take a stab at uncovering the latest face-palm-inducing jerk in finance and politics. Click here to find out this month’s winner. Regards, Laura Greaver Managing Editor, American Consequences


March 2021

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