American Consequences - March 2021


Forget Bitcoin – This Digital Shift Could Be 6x Bigger

It happens like clockwork...

Movies go digital. Netflix soars.

Retail goes digital. And a little company called Amazon takes off – up more than 150,000% all-time. Every analog business and technology in the world is going online. Leading to historical “digital shift” opportunities like:

• Digital customer service... 5,600% gains on Salesforce. • Digital auctions... 6,700% gains on eBay. • Digital music and games... 44,000% gains on Apple. • And digital money... with extraordinary gains of more than 1,000,000% so far on bitcoin. Now we aren’t promising gains as high as these extraordinary historical examples of course.

Because this is something that almost everyone in the world is required to have. And a crypto-based technology is leading its permanent “digital shift” right now . Creating a market opportunity I estimate is six times bigger than bitcoin . The amazing thing is: You can buy a stake in this technology for a tiny fraction of the price of bitcoin. And without ever touching a confusing wallet or exchange . I recommend you learn what to do as soon as possible because I predict this technology could take off quickly, with a potential huge boost from the U.S. government. For now, you can get the full story, for free, right here .

But this trend is far from over, in my view.

But for the chance to see the same kind of gains... you have to zero in on the “analog” technologies that are just going digital for the first time, right now .

Like this one .

I believe it’s a bigger opportunity than movies... retail... or anything like that.

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