American Consequences - March 2021

Trish Regan Response: Ha! Thank you, Jonathan! You’ve inspired me. We’ll see. Maybe a Christmas album... .? Re: Biden’s Window of OpportunityWith Iran Is Closing I loved your column about nuclear weapons and the Iran deal. You did a great job of summarizing the existential nuclear weapons threat. Somehow, we must get rid of these terrible weapons. I have been working on this problem with George Shultz and Bill Perry at the Hoover Institution. Shultz was writing about the problem almost to the last minute until he died at 100 years old. – Walter L. Kim Iskyan Response: Walter, thank you for your e-mail. It seems that nuclear weapons are the toothpaste that’s out of the tube... There’s

have a daily newsletter and the monthly magazine, and we’ve got Trish Regan doing a wonderful podcast. But to a certain extent, we’re still, so to speak “using bagpipes to call from hill to hill” the way my Irish ancestors did during times of trouble. Please climb your hill, Hilton, and pipe the message onward. Trish Regan Response: Yes, please keep telling your friends! Spread the word... We appreciate your support!

Love your perspective and honest journalism!! – Mike

P.J. O’Rourke Response: Thank you, Mike. We do our honest best to stay honest. The perspective thing is tougher. One of the few things I sort of know how to do is mechanical drawing (taught by my dad, a draftsman in the Navy “Seabees” during WWII). Rendering things in perspective is

no putting it back. For the sake of humanity (and my kids, and their kids, and everyone else’s kids’ kids), I certainly wish there was. Dear Kim, thank you for your article discussing the current status of the Iran nuclear agreement. I have typically shied away from these subjects. As the mom of a special forces soldier, I try to limit my exposure. Your article was interesting andwell written. Additionally, I have been responding to PewSurveys for years andwas pleased to see

difficult. You have to figure out where the “vanishing points” should be. We try not to let anything important vanish from American Consequences’ perspective. Trish needs to add some singing to her wonderful podcast from time to time! Not necessarily every one, but sometimes and the more the better. Her glorious voice must be heard and shared – both on the issues of the day, opera, or even the occasional pop tune! – Jonathan W.


American Consequences


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