American Consequences - March 2021


Uber driver has looked at me quizzically as I climbed into his car. However, in Asia, most people figure – before they meet me – that I’m Korean since there, it’s a last name as common as Smith or Jones. So when I’m in Asia, I also get a double-take – for a different reason than in the U.S. – when someone puts my face to my name. Re: Why America Loves Conspiracy Theories Dear PJ, I love your humor, (are we distantly related?) but I will go to my grave believing the 2020 election was stolen. No matter what the lame-scream media and even Fox say. Sad when we have to have businessmen like Mike Lindell analyze the data of where the voting machines were connected to. Epoch times did the best analysis– anyone who stands up to the CCP is an ally of mine. Conspiracy? Ask the folks in Antrim County, MI. Nuff said. –Mike O’Rourke P.J. O’Rourke Response: Cousin Mike, were your people from County Roscommon? Mine came from there to (coincidence?) Roscommon County, Michigan. They emigrated during the Famine to work as timber-cutters. Do you have any latent lumberjacks among your relations? We may be kin. But even if we’re family, I beg to differ about the 2020 election being stolen. Yes, there was some cheating. There always is. And the Democrats did a swell job of turning out their “swag vote” – people who never go to the polls unless they’re promised goodies. Plus I agree that voting machines are problematic (or George

theywere mentioned and my efforts aren’t futile! Thank you for your passion and talents. Your efforts and skills are appreciated. – Lisa R. Kim Iskyan Response: Lisa, thank you for your thoughts. I can only imagine that in your shoes – with a special forces soldier possibly in a faraway place – I’d feel similarly about this kind of issue (thank you for reading my thoughts on it!). Also, I use Pew Research frequently – it’s one thing to rely on what you see and hear and experience, but another (and, analytically, far more valuable, of course) to see what the data say... and Pew is a fantastic resource. (I find it to be something of black magic that it’s free.) So... thank you also for being part of the edifice that is Pew Research – much appreciated on that front as well! Kim is truly the only balanced commentator in your stable. In fact, she is the star among a bunch of right wing sycophants. – Richard L. Kim Iskyan Response: Richard, many thanks for your thoughts. I aim to be balanced (my editor helps me a lot on that front)... and I appreciate it. (A side thought... in fact, I’m a he, not a she – not that you’d have any reason to know it from my writing.) My parents liked the main character in the eponymous Rudyard Kipling novel, who is a boy in India... But yes, in the West, Kim is usually a woman’s name (I’ve met half a dozen male Kims in the U.S., ever). When I’m in the U.S., people often assume from my name that I’m a woman; many an


March 2021

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