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the angles. One of the things that makes us unique, from a wealth management standpoint, is that we are a totally independent firm.This means we don’t have to adhere to a specific set of products.We can vet and pursue what makes the most sense for our clients and their businesses. When it comes down to it, I want you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your investments and your plan for the future are taken care of. No one should have to toss and turn, get up in the morning to see the markets down, and worry.You have more important things to focus on, from your family and your business to planning for the future. On planning for the future, another big focus of mine is helping business owners find ways to increase their retirement savings in a tax efficient manner.With the right strategies in place, they can accumulate tax free income for retirement. By doing so, and by reducing your tax burden, you gain more freedom in retirement. For a lot of people, more freedom means so much. It means more dreams are in reach. More lifelong goals can be accomplished.And it means you’ll sleep better at night knowing everything’s been taken care of, which, in short, is why we do what we do.

I got my first look inside the financial world from my father.When I was younger, he worked onWall Street. On the occasional Saturday, he would bring me with him into the office. He worked up in operations, as opposed to the trading floor, so I got a view of Wall Street not many see. As I grew older, seeing the moving pieces of the financial industry stuck with me.After spending 10 years in the Navy, I decided to make a career move into financial services. Between 1986 and 2005, that’s exactly what I did. Then, in 2008, the markets crashed as the housing bubble gave way. I wasn’t in financial services at the time, but I saw the toll the crash took on so many people.These were people who listened to advice thinking it was solid, only to watch their portfolios vanish before their eyes. I gave it some thought and decided I wanted to return to financial services. In 2011, I officially made the move and returned with a new perspective. I was driven — and continue to be driven — to give individuals and business owners the help and resources they need as they figure out their financial future.

were a lot of lessons that came out of the 2008 crash and the recession that followed. People want to know that their money is safe going forward, especially into retirement.We’ve developed strategies with that in mind. Should things go south, in terms of the markets or the economy at large, your portfolio won’t vanish before your eyes. My philosophy is rooted in taking a holistic approach to managing wealth, whether it’s personal wealth or wealth built into your business.We look at all

– Rick Dwyer

This includes utilizing safe strategies to protect and grow their wealth.There

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